Movie statement about staff portraying him in the bathroom – ‘not a legitimate protest’

Arizona Senator Kirsten Cinema has issued a statement in response to illegal foreign workers portraying him and chasing him in the bathroom while shouting for Joe Biden’s spending package.

The movie claimed it was “not a legitimate protest”.

“Yesterday’s behavior was not a legitimate protest,” Cinema said. “It is unacceptable for activist organizations to instruct their members to engage in illegal activities such as entering closed university buildings, disrupting the learning environment and filming students in dormitories.”

“The staff group engaged in yesterday’s behavior is that both I and my team have met several times since being elected to the Senate, and I will continue to engage with Arizonans with different perspectives to help make my work known for Arizona,” the movie statement continued.

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An activist group called Arizona Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) targeted him at Arizona State University where he is a lecturer.

In Arizona, it is illegal to photograph or photograph someone in the bathroom where a person has a “reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Cinema and Sen. Joe Manchin are two Democrats who have lined up against the huge spending bill.

Asked if workers had crossed a line, Joe Biden said harassment was “part of the process.”

Biden said he did not think these were appropriate tactics, but added that “this happens to everyone.”

The president smiled and added that this is not the case with people who are protected by the Secret Service.

“It’s part of the process,” he concluded before asking another question.

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