Mother and Pop of NFT Comics and Illustrated Books

ECOMI and its NFT platform VeVe are creating a unique niche in NFTs. You never know what might happen to that old Spider-Man comic that you once loved but lost or discarded. What if that same comic book could be bought and stored online just to increase the price? ECOMI and VeVe are looking to fix that. Today’s generation has found a new way to turn digital comics into high-value digital NFTs that can sell two to ten times (or more) of their initial value.

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VeVe changes the landscape for comic and illustrated books

Let’s take a quick but in-depth look at ECOMI and VeVe. VeVe is a blockchain digital art app that allows everyday crypto investors and cartoon NFT fans to buy and resell comic books, characters and even illustrated novels.

What sets VeVe apart from special and potential competitors is the ability to display your art in 3D in your home, office, outdoor space or room, etc. – while some people store them in their personal VeVe vault for personal enjoyment or flex. OVI has created huge dramas to put VeVe on the map by partnering with VeVe’s back token, superhero comic powerhouse Marvel and DC, and even landed a deal with Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince”.

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All of this work over the past few weeks will help VeVe and OMI tokens rise to the top and become the face of a new era of digital comic books and illustrations in the fast and ever-changing crypto NFT world. .

To understand this importance, you must understand the head of the animal: ECOMI. ECOMI is a Singapore-based technology company that collects digital NFTs. They created VeVe to add a new dimension and spin the NFT world. Within a few days, the price action has resumed: the currency currently sits at $ 0.005 USD, with its trading volume north of 18M.

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With the recent announcement of ‘The Little Bear’ deal on September 17th and the price action, it’s safe to say that this is a company, app and token that should be on your radar if you’re interested in comics and NFT looking forward.

In this new world of potential gold, it’s hard to ignore a company these days that embraces high client projects with a good reputation in a unique global community. The new investment is taking the necessary steps to protect strong IP partners for the future-proofing of the ECOMI and VeVe brands, with NFTs immersed in left and right, augmented reality and other metavers.

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