More than 100 million unused border wall panels rust in Texas (video)

We are currently witnessing what is probably the worst crisis on the southern border in the history of our nation and the Biden administration has stopped the construction of the border wall.

Worse, the materials used to build the wall, which have already been paid for by taxpayers, are now lying on a field in Texas, rusted.

The Biden administration does not care. They are proving it through their lack of action.

The New York Post reports:

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সী 100 million in border wall materials rusted in Texas: report

Border wall materials worth more than িয়ন 100 million have been thrown away and are about to be destroyed in Texas after the construction of the Baiter was halted after entering the White House in January and the contract for its construction was canceled, the report said. .

A Fox News drone has captured nearly 10,000 steel panel footage – enough to build a 100-mile wall – that has rusted in the Far West Texas since January.

A 1-mile wall was built just before former President Donald Trump left office.

“Remember, taxpayers have already paid for it,” reporter Bill Melugin told the American Newsroom.

“It was bought and paid for and nothing is happening with it,” he added.

News workers also took a video of where the wall suddenly ended up in La Joyce, Texas, leaving an open space that illegal immigrants could easily cross.

“Basically, it’s useless,” Melugin said. “We see these immigrants wandering around all the time. It’s not doing anything, and border agents have to run left and right here because runners are constantly coming. ”

Watch the video below:

It’s just stunning. The solution to the border crisis lies there. Pay for everything. And Biden doesn’t use it.

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