More children have been shot dead than covid nationwide in Chicago this year

The new comparison, made by Fox News, paints a striking parallel between the gun violence against children at the Democrat shelter in Chicago and the total number of children nationwide who have died from Covid-1.

According to the latest data from the Chicago Police Department and the CDC, The number of children shot in Windy City (202) this year is much higher than the number of children killed by the National Virus virus since the beginning of the epidemic (214).

According to Fox: More children have died in Chicago than in the entire state of Illinois at Covid-1 of (422).

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Tragic numbers on both sides – a truly heartbreaking shame for these innocent children and their loved ones.

Remember, by 2021 we are only 2/3 way. Shooting shots at the end of the year could easily double the number of cowardly deaths.

The radical “security from all sides, just save a life” Democrats who are in charge of the city and imposing a brutal lockdown in the name of public health? Clearly, the perpetrators are a larger disaster that has affected far more children than Kovid in a life-threatening way.

Not surprisingly, they are nowhere to be found. They assume they have become speechless on the issue because the media of most organizations do their duty, and continue to sweep it with carpets for them.

Leftists don’t care about babies, just see how they kill millions of innocent lives through abortion. They only pretend to take care of the children when it is convenient and fulfill their objectives, the Covid order was always about occupying more power.

It’s no secret that children are the least vulnerable to the effects of the China-virus, yet their schools have been closed for more than a year because sCieNcE says so.

Now that schools and facilities are being reopened, kids are being forced to put on a dirty mask all the time by the crazy leftists who are issuing dystopian orders. In one case, one of these psychopaths put a mask on the face of a screaming child in a daycare in New York.

The horrific incident is nothing less than child abuse.

Child abuse: Tragic video shows child forced to wear mask while crying in New York day care

This mask for children does not follow any science or any information mandatory. They just possess a blind power. If Democrats really care about saving innocent lives, they won’t ignore Barack Obama’s shooting of hundreds of children on the streets of Chicago.

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