Monday night football, why the Lions in the NFL?

We are also confused, coach.
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After an instant classic in Week 1 in Monday Night Football, Green Bay’s Week 2 matches and Detroit is definitely disappointing In a comparative way. Well, not everyone is a Packers fan. This division game against one Inferior Lions Squad Aaron Rogers and the Packers should help enough to get back on track after a 38-3 draw against the New Orleans Saints. The game is likely to be over by half time, with the Packers already doing a lot of favors for defeating the Lions in the MNF. The Packers are optimistic by 10.5 points at home, to be exact.

Knowing this and the history of Rogers’ long success against the Lions makes one wonder about the schedule of MNF games. Of all the games available for broadcast Monday night, Packer and Lions were selected for the second week. Talk about throwing the ball. I know these games are pre-arranged, but the Lions have never done anything to ensure they play in primetime. Let’s be honest about this. It’s not a substitute for a very bad flex schedule Monday because it’s the only game. And I don’t care if the Lions are facing Aaron Rogers ’Dividing MVP. He will have a good enough performance this year that I am sure most will agree that we can avoid this MNF outing.

I buried the Los Angeles Rams and Indianapolis Colts on the slate of the first afternoon game as I write this, and it should be a much better game than the Packers and Lions. The Tennessee Titans don’t get a ton of primetime games, and they’re playing the Seattle Seahawks today on the last slate of the afternoon. The Titans took the chin in Week 1, but I don’t expect them to play badly in Week 2 in Seattle. In Week 2 it’s two games that could be potentially good for the MNF.

The NFL likes to mix it up and get national exposure from different teams, but it seems ESPN and MNF get more duds each season than NBC with Sunday Night Football. SNF on NBC has now become MNF which was on ABC and now ESPN. The biggest advantage of SNF’s schedule is that NBC can flex from one matchup to another. Unfortunately, Monday night is not an option. So, when determined, fans get stuck with games like Lions and Packers that have no alternative.

The solution is quite simple. Don’t schedule lions in the MNF. Please. If the league wants them in primetime, throw them in the SNF. NBC can always flex out for a good game. The The Lions have not won a playoff match since 1991. Barry Sanders was at the beginning of his career for the last time this Lions franchise experienced post-season success. This is not something personal against the Lions, but the SNF and MNF should have the best possible matchups every week. Looking at the game schedule for the 2nd week, no one can say that the Packers vs Lions are the best matchup this week. There is no way to hell.

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