MobiePay recycles Mobie Network to expand technology and product range

MobiePay, a popular service aimed at bridging the gap between blockchain and mainstream, recently announced a major change to its brand. The project has now changed its name to Mobi Network.

Initially, the project started as MobiePay, so that people could know what kind of projects the team was developing and what kind of services they planned to provide. However, as development continues, the project has decided to expand the scope of various technologies and products that it aims to build and offer.

But, with all the new products in the pipeline, the name MobiePay no longer does it justice, indicating that the project offers less than it actually has. As a result, its team has decided to rebrand the Moby Network, which is expected to help add more utilities to their platform.

These changes will help build the Moby ecosystem into a proper network, rather than just a payment / banking functionality. On top of that, the project will improve its products along with other on-chain and off-chain products.

The ultimate goal of the project is to turn its Moby network into a hub for all crypto-specific innovations under the Moby umbrella. This means including everything, MobiSwap, MobiBridge, the token side of the app, stacking and reward functionality, tokenized community and much more.

What’s new with Moby Network?

The Mobi network will bridge the gap between user experience and this emerging technology to create mainstream products with blockchain. One way to do this is to provide a more personalized payment experience. Specifically, the project will provide a personal and business finance app that will be equally available on the web and mobile. Next, they aim to offer a similarly efficient and reliable gateway for crypto and fiat currencies.

This will allow them to manage anything from checkout to transfer. Moby Network plans to get involved in gaming payments. Crypto and gaming have been a great match for many years, and the Moby Network can further contribute to this relationship by bringing innovative payments, data and sophisticated analysis.

Speaking of analysis, the firm is bringing consumer and market insights to those in need, and by doing so it can help retailers drive loyalty and conversions in any industry.

Finally, with the NFT sector exploding in 2021, it’s no surprise that the Moby Network is also keeping an eye on that space. In the case of NFT, it will help users to create, purchase, store or exchange, all transactions effortlessly, efficiently and with a seamless interface.

Of course, the network will allow users to instantly spend, transmit, earn or pay cash or cryptocurrency. There is an obvious advantage to being able to do all this from one spot. However, the Moby Network is now moving even further, offering users to use crypto for their daily purchases, providing incentives for acceptance and growth through cashback and affiliate revenue, and making it easier for merchants to make payments easier. Is. Cryptocurrency.

By doing this, merchants become a part of a very popular emerging crypto industry and increase the number of customers through inclusion.


All in all, MobiePay was an important chapter in the history of the project, but now it’s time to take the next step, and Mobie Network is the effective name for this new part of the company’s history.

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