Mixinry Kryptoninjas to provide stacking services as glacier ecosystem verifiers

Mixin Network, a Layer-2 POS platform that brings speed and scalability to the blockchain, announced today that it has merged with the Himalayas. Starting the partnership, Exin, one of the most active developers in the Mixin ecosystem, and owner of the popular stacking product Exinpool, will join Avalanche Legitimate Node Ecosystem to provide safe and trusted stacking and node services for the community.

Avalanche Protocol is an open source DFI blockchain platform designed with high throughput, low delay, fast end and scalability. Smart contracts can be confirmed in less than 1 second and support a full set of Ethereum Development Toolkits while supporting independent verifiers to participate as miners.

Axinpool is committed to creating glacier ecosystems and jointly promoting network stability and decentralization. Users can participate in the Avalanche Exinpool node by accessing Mixin Messenger to get a stable return.

About Exinpool:

  • All Exinpool nodes have an aligned system for joining and exiting (ignoring the 14-day locked time for stocking), providing excellent liquidity and allowing users to participate in stacking with a zero limit and make a steady income.
  • Now, Axinpool is encouraging the community to take part in node co-construction and benefit from the benefits of early birding in the early stages of the Avalanche node. Currently, the AVAX Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is about 10.08%.
  • Through ExinPool, participating users can enjoy extremely high node revenue dividends while receiving additional AVAX, BTC, and EPC rewards during the campaign. This will significantly increase the rate of return (short-term APR close to 15%, excluding additional BTC, EPC rewards).

The details of the benefits of the original bird are as follows:

  • Each node participant will be given back a 99% node stacking prize.
  • For every 10 AVAX stacks, participants will receive a 0.001 AVAX reward per day for three months. Note: Maximum prize of 1 AVAX per day for the first 10,000 AVAX participants.
  • There will be a BTC bonus distribution for the participants, lasting for one month with a daily 100 satoshi bonus for every 10 AVAX from the participants.
  • In addition, those who participate in ExinPool AVAX nodes will receive an EPC bonus: for every 10 AVAX stacked, participants can earn 10 EPC per day for one month.
  • Follow-up activities that can be started: ExinPool users who share AVAX with ExinPool can get LP token, which can be used for trading, mortgage, nding, etc.
  • Note: Returns and bonuses are distributed through Exinpool, with zero transaction fees.

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