Mitt Romney has trashed his pro-business representative and announced that he will filibuster the iban range.

It was back in 2012 that Mitt Romney ran for president as a pro-business nominee. Today, Romney is helping Republicans kill businesses by voting to make the killing limit filibuster.

Romney told reporters

Mitch McConnell has sold Senate Republicans into self-destruction.

In 2011, Senate minority leader McConnell tried to play the same game with then-President Obama. It was spectacularly upset, the Republicans were blamed for damaging U.S. credit, and they returned to the Senate with their tails in their feet.

Ten years later, McConnell is expecting different results from the same failed strategy, and he has sold his caucus in a cn limit political suicide deal.

Democrats have done a great job prioritizing Republican messaging. If the country defaults, the blame will fall on Senate Republicans, who are determined to air the tissue paper.

As soon as they feel the public reaction to the default, they will change their position.

If Republicans want to blow up the economy, they should own it.

Mitt Romney is not pro-business, because a pro-business senator would never do anything that could shut down and hurt many businesses.

Republicans are showing their true colors, and Democrats are doing the right thing by not getting them out. Senate Republicans should not be allowed to benefit from economic ruin.

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