Minting Day is coming for rare NFTs from space by Dailycoin

Minting Day is approaching for rare NFTs from outer space

So the aliens are extraterrestrial but have been living on Earth for quite some time, so their human culture and way of life has been adopted and as a result some nice and rare NFT has been found there.

10,000 unique soAliens will be minted on November 24 at 12 noon UTC at an estimated price of 0.33 SOL.

SoAlien employs a total of four team members: Roro, Fresh Prince, Mr. T and Bebop. One artist, and three others whose focus covers technology, community management, marketing and strategy. Part of the team’s vision is to involve every owner of soAlien NFT to be part of the project decision-making process through a democratic system.

Mr T, in Dailycon Exclusive, spoke in detail about the project and the future goals of the aliens:

“We believe that aliens fit well into the metavers; somewhat real, somewhat fictional. Also, the complexity of the conspiracy theory and the factual information about aliens is a consistent story, technical feature and of course helps to engage the community.”

So Alien is a chapter-based project

The team aims to work with future NFT holders to create new chapters for the story. In Chapter 2, only NFT owners will be able to participate in the storyline, and later in Chapter 3 they will be able to lend their help. The project has created a framework for Chapter 2, so that soAliens (AlienVille, Chapter 1), will have a new species to live with them.

“Chapter ‘means we don’t just promote the collection, we mint it and then put it in different marketplaces. We want to engage the community and NFT holders for a second, third and perhaps more chapter. Only those who hold at least one NFT will be able to participate in the subsequent storytelling of this project, “Mr T explained.

The roadmap includes the following tools and features:

  • Doorman – The main wallet that issues minted NFTs and receives minting funds. The gatekeeper will act as the main interaction wallet to ensure that everything in the blockchain runs smoothly and transparently. Gatekeeper’s functions include: the original Project Wallet, the NFT Sales Treasury, a Burn Issuer, a Shizal Tax Receiver, a Royalty Receiver, and an Area 56 deflationary mechanism. The project will use 2% of all royalties to buy back NFTs and burn them, take them out of collection and so on. This will reduce the supply of circulation, help maintain prices and stabilize.
  • Shizzle My Alien Tax (SMAT) – SMAT applies if you list one of your soAliens at the highest selling price in the secondary market. The SMAT will flow to the gatekeeper and be used to purchase NFTs and burn them according to the Area 56 deflationary mechanism, reducing the total number of aliens available in the market.
  • Spacecraft (Governance and Stacking) – The project will implement a Governance Vault, which means users will have to share their NFT in order to participate in the prize distribution. This will be done through a snapshot and the length of the user’s respective NFT stockings. The spacecraft will also be the vault of the main decision – users get one vote for each NFT owned to contribute to the direction of the project if necessary.

Play-earning NFTs in Alienville

Play-to-earn is a business model through which users can play a game and earn cryptocurrency. The key element of this model is to give gamers ownership over certain in-game assets and allow them to increase their value by actively playing the game. Defining ownership and even transferring it is possible through the use of NFTs.

The main example of play-to-earn at the moment. This is a video game that uses NFTs. When playing with those NFTs, whether fighting or building a city, players receive rewards in the form of tokens that can be cashed out later. So the Alien team can add the play-to-earn feature to their project:

“We’re excited about what’s coming, and how crypto, NFT and Metavers literally change everything we’re used to. We are listening to the community, but also thinking about moving forward to create lasting value and a growing project.

Last but not least, we are considering making money for the game, and we are discussing with the right people how to support this development. For Mining and the rest of the roadmap for 2021, we will stick to what we can offer – we have a clear plan, we will engage the community and announce the next steps. “

On the reverse side

  • Even for the most promising projects, the future is always uncertain because of the new NFT industry.

Why should you care?

NFT is gaining popularity and the industry seems to be expanding rapidly. Non-fungible tokens show potential both financially and creatively

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