Mining Company Offers First “Mine-to-Token” Cryptocurrency for Investors Looking for Gold Exposure

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets. Even Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is still tied to 20% to 30% of the price any day.

Despite this fact, it is a pioneering crypto project that began with the publication of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin White Paper in 2008, which is responsible for giving birth to the entire blockchain technology industry.

Today, cryptocurrency offers investors and users all sorts of benefits and built-in utilities, including self-implemented smart contracts, decentralized finance schemes that offer higher annual returns than a central bank that will give customers, social status and non-disguised token owners. Provide the possibility of profit and much more.

Although each of the above advantages of cryptocurrencies extends beyond basic decentralized peer-to-peer payment systems such as Bitcoin, they do not meet every investor’s goal. There is an investor who still wants their cryptocurrencies backed by real world assets such as precious metals.

That’s where Asia Broadband (OTC: AABB) comes in.

Why customers are choosing Asia Broadband

Asia Broadband supplies clients across Asia with both precious and base metals mined in Mexico. The company is in the top 25M Year of doing business. It is publicly listed in the United States and allows clients to benefit from the vertical integration of its value chain.

The company’s move into cryptocurrency marks an adventure in unfamiliar waters. But for clients, it gives them the opportunity to benefit from the flexibility, security and transparency offered by cryptocurrency, while exposing them to perhaps the most tried, tested and truly hedging instruments in human history; Gold.

The history of gold and blockchain technology is now in the 13sM In the years of existence, toking precious metals is not a new concept. The gold-backed crypto market has several more competitors to serve customers. So why are investors choosing Asia Broadband over other options?

This is because unlike other players in the market, Asia Broadband is not a crypto-first company.

It is a publicly traded mining company with more than 100 million in assets available to investors through the over-the-counter market under the stock symbol AABB. That means it’s not the only company in the crypto market’s gold-backed token sector that gives investors access to gold in a “mine-to-token” fashion. All of these are accessible via the AABB Gold Token, which resides in the Etherium blockchain and complies with ERC-20.

Why AABB Gold Token is both current and future of gold-backed cryptocurrency

The lowest price of AABB Gold Token is always associated with the spot price of gold at any given moment. Investors worried about the possibility of currency depreciation due to excessive money laundering by governments around the world in response to the coronavirus epidemic now have a way to separate themselves from that possibility.

Not only has Asia Broadband been actively mining precious metals for the past 25 years, it has maintained physical gold worth at least $ 30 million USD in its reserves at any given time.

The company promises to use only third-party sources for gold, while its own physical reserves and mining operations provide investors with precious metal exposure when they hold tokens and benefit from increased market demand.

The fact that the token is backed by 100% gold and that investors will benefit from the vertical integration of Asia Broadband offers a clear price that no other market participant can offer. The overly positive reception of the token is a reflection of that.

More than $ 1 million worth of tokens were sold in the first two weeks of token launch, and more than 9,000 active users currently hold more than 245,000 tokens.

Asia Broadband is committed to giving investors a whole new way to balance their interest in both cryptocurrency and gold. Now is the time to benefit from a kind of “mine-to-token” project like ABB Gold.

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