Millions of U.S. troops have not yet fully vaccinated against Covid as a devil loom

As the Pentagon’s deadline expires, millions of U.S. troops have not yet fully vaccinated against Covid.

There are different vaccination deadlines across different services – both the Navy and the Marine Corps share the November 28 deadline.

The air force vaccination deadline is November 2 and the army deadline is December 15.

Biden told the 2.1 million service members that they would have to be vaccinated against Kovid or face punishment.

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Millions of U.S. military members have not yet fully vaccinated against Covid.

CityPost reports:

Millions of U.S. military members have been vaccinated against or without coronavirus as part of the Pentagon’s first compliance deadline.

Overall, military vaccination rates have risen since August, when Defense Department leaders, acting on President Joe Biden’s instructions, told the nation’s 2.1 million soldiers that vaccination would be compulsory, exemptions would be rare and those who refused would be punished. However, according to data assessed by the Washington Post, the response of the troops has been scattered.

For example, 90% of active-duty navies are fully vaccinated, whereas only 72 percent of marine corps, the data shows, although both services share the November 28 deadline. In the Air Force, the Department of Defense has more than 60,000 personnel in just three weeks to meet the most ambitious deadline.

Other services, however, are not on track, and critics say large gaps in vaccination timelines jeopardize how well prepared the military can be in times of crisis. They specifically point to the Reserve and the National Guard, which have been called for numerous emergencies in the past two years – at home and abroad – and yet a large number of their staff have so far refused to be vaccinated.

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