Michael ‘Venom’ Page agrees with Jack Paul that MMA fighters are paid less MMA News

Ballet contestant Michael ‘Venon’ Page is not a fan of YouTuber-boxer Jack Paul or Paul with MMA fighters, but agrees with Paul that MMA fighters are paid less.

As the MVP prepares for his reunion with Douglas Lima in London on October 1, he agrees with Paul’s observation that MMA fighters are underpaid – and he wonders why UFC was tempted to compete with former students Tyrone Woodley and Ben Askren Paul.

“Yes, I am a big supporter of what he is doing there, and I totally agree with him. Why are the fighters so interested in jumping on the ship then? Because we are not being given what we deserve. We have been paid for our things,” Page said. Sky Sports.

“That’s why he’s absolutely right. If no one enjoys this kind of fight, we should be treated the way we are treated.”

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MVP joins Ed Dropper as they look forward to his upcoming fight with Douglas Lima at Wembley Arena. The MVP discussed what they learned from their first meeting, fighter pay and Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford.

That said, Page, who has boxed professionally, will be inspired to box and hit Paul to restore the reputation of longtime professional fighters, not just for pay packets.

“This kind of thing is annoying, I understand why this is happening. Obviously, on a business basis, a lot of money has been drawn, but, I thought Tyrone Woodley was going to fix this whole crazy world where we live now.

“Just to fix the world, I’ll definitely jump in and knock him out, then shake his hand and say ‘Continue what you’re doing.’ Yes, I have to prove to everyone that it’s pointless. “

Page has another expected contest on hand. At Wembley Arena, he faced Douglas Lima (-92–9), who sought to avenge his loss to the Brazilians in May 2019. This is the only loss of the page in 20 Pro MMA competitions. But the MVP said it would not make major adjustments to its strategy because the game-plan was working well until the second round stoppage.

“It was a totally strange tactic. I think I was doing everything right at every step of the battle, even though we went to the ground, it had nothing to do. It was completely canceled. My strikes were landing at the point where I shook him,” Page recalls. .

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Page met Douglas Lima for the second time in London in October, and he told Sky Sports that he would be released soon.

But Londoners say he will take a lesson from the showdown by taking the time when an opening presence appears to end the war.

“I saw the finish line and I became interested in crossing it. So seeing his legs go a little bit, I thought, ‘OK, now I’m going to apply a little more pressure.’ But he was still there. They say the injured tiger is still dangerous.” .

“And then after I swam, I was trying again, in the process of seeing that finish line and let me get up again and keep the pressure on it. The rest of that moment, until I get back, but until then, I really believe that The strategies were perfect.

Lima has won and lost the Belter Welterweight title since the pair’s first meeting and has come to England in a two-fight losing streak. And after three fights abroad, the MVP says equalizing scores in London is the right scenario for him.

“It’s been two years, so I’m definitely excited. I think it’s amazing that it’s really happening. I’ve got it in my town. I think I had a lot of supporters with me on this ride. Has done.

And Page, who is famous for his kickboxing and karate skills, is promising explosive performances on battle nights.

“I’m going to be very, very straightforward, I’ll say. And I’m very dangerous when I’m straight. I’m going to take him out in the first round or he’ll try to hold me and kick me out and then it’ll go down to the second round.”

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