Mexico v Ecuador Result: El Tri Net Golzo, but lost to La Tri in Charlotte

The Mexican national team did not have its top player and it lost 3-2 to Ecuador in Charlotte. In front of the pro-Mexican crowd at the Bank of America Stadium, El Tri equalized on two occasions, but Ecuador took the final lead with 15 minutes left in the match.

International friendship between the two countries fell outside the pre-determined FIFA international window, and as a result no national team was forced to release their top players from their club team.

The lack of familiarity between the Mexican side’s defensive movements and communication problems was evident, as Ecuador had a difficult time attacking in numbers. It seemed particularly easy for the Ecuadorians to score on virtually every serious attack. Three goals in the game came in just three shots.

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Cruz Azul teammate Santi Gimenez and ‘Peugeot’ Alvarado combined to make it easy for Mexico to tie it 1-1. But Osvaldo Rodriguez wrapped the ball into the net and sent a shot down the crossbar.

But as the Sabers entered the game late in the second half, Mexico lost little flow of attack and struggled to come up with offensive ideas outside of the set pieces. There was a final chance to tie 3-3 deep in stoppage time, but the Ecuadorian goalkeeper thwarted Mexico alternate forward Eduardo Aguirre on one chance after another.

Both teams took advantage of the game to give the French player and other young players a chance to impress, who had the opportunity to prove to their national team coaches that they deserved potential inclusion for future World Cup qualifiers.

As far as Mexico is concerned, the players who have impressed against Ecuador are central midfielder Eric Lira, Ricardo ‘Canelo’ Angulo and winger Roberto ‘Pezzo’ Alvarado, but only Alvarado has a realistic chance of making the World Cup. Standout qualities. The defenders were not credible, and their chances of snatching first-choice forwards from Santi Gimenez and Eduardo Aguero were not clinical enough for their chances.

Mexico vs Ecuador final score

1H 2H Final
Mexico 1 1 2
Ecuador 2 1 3

ECU – Johnny Quinonez – 2nd minute.
Max – Roberto ‘Piozzo’ Alvarado (Santi Gimenez) – 6th minute.
ECU – Jenner Corozo (Michael Estrada) – 15th minute.
Max – Osvaldo Rodriguez – 59th minute.
ECU – Walter Chala (Zorkaif Resco) – 75th minute.

Mexico vs Ecuador Live Updates and Highlights

Location and results: updated World Cup selection table

(Always before)

Final: Mexico 2, Ecuador 3

92nd minute: Eduardo Aguera’s legs were equal! 1-on-1 against the charging keeper and the opportunity is wasted. The ball behind Aguirre was great.

90th minute: Stoppage time is three minutes.

89th minute: After clearing a set piece badly, Eric Lira tries a shot from a distance again, but it is far from the target.

85th minute: Mejia of Ecuador was injured and died shortly afterwards. The subs also affected the flow of Mexicans and it is not clear if this could trigger an attack. Ecuador will want to end the match.

75th minute: Round Ecuador! Mexico’s back line fell asleep in the throw-in again, and Resco beat both Kota and Haret Ortega to the ball and pushed it into a wide-open chase to tap-in. Ecuador Sabra came together to move forward.

70th minute: Ricardo ‘Canello’ is the first chance for Mexico to lead in the corner of Angola. Header wide.

65th minute: SUBS – Ecuador has two sub. Then there is Mexico. Eduardo Aguero for Santi Gimenez and Alejandro Zendezas for Uriel Antuna. Like for like subs.

64th minute: Santi Gimenez of Mexico knows he’s coming out and he wants his goal. He brought the ball down and fired straight at the keeper from 20 yards out.

60th minute: What a goal for Mexico! The goalkeeper saved a shot and the ball went to Osvaldo Rodriguez, who exploded a rising shot under the crossbar. Spectacular. 2-2.

58th minute: Free kick from 20 yards out for Mexico. After the ball exploded against the Santi Gimenez wall, Eric Lira fired a rebound just above the bar.

55th minute: Mexico Opportunity! El Tri patiently holds the ball and then accelerates it. Peugeot Alvarado found his club teammate Santi Gimenez with a through ball, but his shot hit the side net.

49th minute: Two yellow cards, one for each party. First Ecuador’s Michael Estrada is going to book and then in a separate incident Mexico’s Kevin Alvarez should have probably been left out for the tackle of left winger Jenner Corozo. Alvarez would have been in trouble if Charlotte had a VAR. He fled with the yellow.

48th minute: Mexico Opportunity! Oriel Antoner crosses and Santi Jimenez’s header on the right ‘keeper.

46th minute: The second half is underway. Rodolfo Kota is set to become Mexico’s new goalkeeper, Jonathan Orozco. Kevin Alvarez is on the right back for Jose ‘Avion’ Ramirez.

Halftime: Mexico 1, Ecuador 2

Half time: It was an explosive start to the game, but then it became surprisingly stable. Ecuador easily entered the Mexican back line in that first attack for his two goals, but then after a strong start the South Americans struggled to make many attacks together. Despite goals scored by Santi Gimenez and Peugeot Alvarado’s Cruz Azul pair, the Ecuadorians felt comfortable maintaining a one-goal lead. Mexico had more possession (66% -34%) and outscored their opponents, but this did not often bother Ecuador’s defenders. Alvarado had a long-range shot and a handful of set pieces to close the half, but nothing Ecuador could handle.

47th minute: Opportunity for Mexico! Peugeot Alvarado cut from the left to the middle and his shot was blocked by the keeper and fell to Mexico forward Santi Gimenez, but he was offside.

45th minute: Stoppage time is one minute.

44th minute: For Mexico there is a set piece in the box provided by Ricardo Angulo and there is a header that bounces towards Ecuador’s defender Hernan Galindez for an easy save.

38th minute: The first corner kick of the game in Mexico and it was taken by left-footed Ricardo Angulo. Leading the shot from a distance, Ecuador deflected for a goal kick.

32nd minute: Ricardo Angulo with a set piece in the box, but his teammates could not connect and Ecuador eliminated the danger. Mexico is now controlling activities. But if Ecuador wins the ball, the vertical will go faster.

26th minute: After a quiet period, including an injury break for Mexico’s Uriel Antuna, a shake occurred in the Ecuador box, but the danger was mitigated by the referee’s whistle. Foul called.

15th minute: Another attack and another goal in Ecuador! Another scatter shot between Jenner Corozo and Michael Estrada and Corozo that went past Mexico’s keeper.

9th minute: Now Ecuador is asking for a penalty, but Uncle is still not pointing to the place. This is a wide open game. It shows that the players have something to prove.

6th minute: Goal Mexico! Key response from El Tri. After a run in the box, forward Santi Gimenez is on the ground but still Piozzo flicks the ball towards Alvarado, who knocks it home.

5th minute: Roberto ‘Peozo’ Alvarado goes down the box and it looks like a foul, but referee Ted Uncle isn’t buying it. There are no protests from Mexico.

2nd minute: Round Ecuador! Not even within 90 seconds and a goal from Ecuador. Crossing from the left, Osvaldo Rodriguez’s header clearance went into the middle of the right box where Ecuador’s Johnny Quinonez blocked a shot past the ‘keeper’.

1st minute: We are moving. Occupied Ecuador at first.

8:59 pm: Mexico captain and goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco has a mic with a message to fans present during the match to pay tribute to the players and co-fans.

8:58 pm: Anthems are external. It’s time to toss the coin with referee Ted Uncle.

9:26 pm: Ecuador’s Michael Estrada will play Toluca against the players he will face on a weekly basis in Liga MX:

Mexico vs Ecuador: Lineup

Mexico coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino has called up 18 players for the camp, but the call-ups did not include Monterey or Club America starters, who will play in the first leg of the Concacaf Champions League final on Thursday.

One Club America backup player, inexperienced 18-year-old Karel Campos was called up to replace Eric Sanchez who was injured. Campos has previously participated as a training invitee to senior Mexican national team camps.

Mexico lineup (4-3-3, right to left): 1-Jonathan Orozco-GK (Tijuana) – 16-Jose ‘Avion’ Ramirez (Lyon), 13-Haret Ortega (Toluca), 4-Jesus Angulo (Atlas), 5-Osvaldo Rodriguez (Lyon) – 8-Fernando Chivas), 17-Eric Lira (Pumas UNAM), 7-Ricardo Angulo (Chivas) – 10-Uriel Antuna (Chivas), 9-Santiago Gimenez (Cruz Azul), 11-Roberto ‘Piozo’ Alvarado (Cruz Azul)

Mexico (5): 12-Rodolfo Cota-GK (Leon) for Orozco (46 ‘) – 2-Kevin Alvarez (Pachuca) for Ramirez (46’) – 19-Eduardo Aguirre (Santos Laguna) for Gimenez (66 ‘) – 15-Alejandro Zendejas ( Necaxa) for Antuna (66 ‘) – 6-Alan Cervantes (Santos Laguna) for R. Angulo (74’)

Mexico sub not used (2): 3-Victor Guzman (Tijuana), 18-Carroll Campos (Club America)

Ecuador’s Argentine coach Gustavo Alfaro will test some young talent and the Ecuadorian press is suggesting he is looking for a possible replacement for three starters who will be suspended for the next World Cup qualifiers due to yellow card deposits.

According to reports, we can expect a 4-3-3 formation with 34-year-old goalkeeper Hernan Galindez and 25-year-old forward Michael Estrada, who plays for Mexico’s Toluca, a reference point in the 19-man group. The players’ clubs follow the team brackets.

Ecuador starting lineup (4-3-3, right to left): 1-Hernan Galindez-GK (U. Catolika) – 4-Andres Lopez (U. Catolika), 3-Marlon Mezia (Emelek), 18-Luis Segovia (Indep. Del Valle), 6-Christian Cruz (LDU Quito) – 8-Johnny Quinonez (Akas), 21-Julio Ortiz (Delphin), 5-Michael Carcelen (Barcelona SC) – 19-Nilson Angulo (LDU Quito), 11-Michael Estrada (Toluka), 7-Janer Corozo (Delph)

Ecuador members (5): 14-Jose Carabali (U. Catolica) for Ortiz (65 ‘) – 9-Djorkaeff Reasco (LDU Quito) for Corozo (65’) – 16-Walter Chala (U. Catolica) for Angulo (72 ‘) – 20-Danny Cabazas for Estrada (82 ‘) (October 9) – 23-Joshua Quinonez for Lopez (Barcelona SC) (82’)

Ecuador members (3): 22-Jose Gabriel Sevalos-GK (Olmedo), 12-Jorge Pinos-GK (October 9), 17-Alexander Alvarado (Orlando City)

How to watch Mexico vs Ecuador

  • Date: Wednesday, October 26
  • Time: 9 pm ET
  • Spanish TV: Unimus, TUDN
  • Streaming: fuboTV

The Mexico vs Ecuador match will be broadcast on UniMas and TUDN, streamed on fuboTV, for a free 7-day trial for new users.

The match will be played at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, the home of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the future home of Major League Soccer team Charlotte FC.

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