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In partnership with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Mr. The tour’s A Song For The Sahel highlights the crisis in many countries in the region, as well as its rich musical heritage.

In an exclusive interview with UN News, the respected musician described how he did not feel as comfortable driving around the country as he did. Malians are now “sleeping with one eye open,” he said, referring to the insurgency led by extremists who have taken advantage of the lack of opportunities for the country’s youth.

He said the youth need to show courage, strength and fight against this crisis. “Peace and solidarity are tools. If peace is made now, our children will prosper tomorrow.

Music is a great tool for sharing messages. Sharing awareness is paramount. It has a strong impact on what happens in our country. ”

Sahel song make-off

Rapidly growing emergency

The Sahel crisis is one of the fastest growing emergencies in the world. According to the OCHA, this year, about 29 million people need life-saving assistance and protection, five million more than last year.

In the midst of this rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation, UN agencies have warned that human vulnerabilities have increased due to conflict, growing food insecurity, climate emergency and epidemics.

Nevertheless, OCHA hopes that The Song for the Sahel will provide some hope for those who need help there today.

“The song celebrates the resilient resilience, generosity, solidarity and strength that continues to show despite the crises around them and their vibrant musical and cultural heritage,” said Baunena Sidi Mohamed, West Deputy Head of UN Ocha’s Regional Office. And Central Africa.

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