Men are shopping for skirts. Is the world ready?

Engineer Mark Bryan was first in college when he wore a pair of heels. Initially, it was a joke; He was dating a woman who was taller than heels, and so he also tried a couple to pair himself up. But, he found that there was nothing funny about his feelings between them. “I was very comfortable wearing these,” she said Refinery 29. So much so that, five years ago, Brian started wearing heels the whole time. Then came the skirt. “The skirt is basically an extension, basically, able to show the heels a little more,” she said.

Today, Brian has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, where he records his everyday attire, which often includes a shirt-tie tie combo with a pencil skirt and pumps. “I never think about what people are thinking because to me I’m not doing anything wrong,” he said.

Looks like 2021 agrees with Brian. This year, the global fashion search site List reported that Thom Brown’s men’s clothing skirt is one of the most searched items of 2021, with the silhouette being the site’s top trend for men for the first time. Celebrities like Harry Styles, Bad Bunny, Billy Porter, Kid Cudy, Kanye West, DD and Lil Nass X have chosen skirts on the red carpet and in music videos. Just last week, comedian Pete Davidson showed the 2021 Met Gala in a Thom Brown outfit that he wore a blazer and sunglasses. And while many designers continue to show men’s and women’s lines on separate runways, some have begun to erase the gender divide, with brands like Versace and Balenciaga combining their women’s clothing and men’s clothing into one collection.

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Despite its recent popularity, skirts are not a new phenomenon in men’s fashion. According to Joe Pauletti, an independent scholar focusing on the history of dress in the United States, it was customary for European men to wear skirts before the 14th century, when they began to wear pants for the convenience of riding horses. And, until the 19th century, Pauletti said, young American boys wore skirts until they were old enough to wear pants. According to her, this is how the skirt is “not just associated with the entity [a woman] But at a young age or not as an adult. ”

Although the tradition in women’s clothing is traditionally the clothing-inspired trend of men in general, society accepts men less wearing skirts and dresses. “It’s okay for women to wear men’s clothing, and with that comes the difference in strength and status of masculinity and femininity,” Pauletti said. “For a man to accept something that is seen as giving up his femininity.”

Netherlands-based fashion designer George Dugan has been wearing skirts since 2019. She likens the current struggle for men to wear skirts to Western feminists of the 19th and 20th centuries who saw pants বলা called Bloomer হিসাবে as a major symbol of women’s rights. From the victim Elizabeth Miller’s first version of the skirt-like pants in 1501 and Coco Chanel’s men’s clothing inspired by World War II and the women’s rights movement in the 1970s, women have historically fought for the right to wear a simple pair of pants (until the 1970s). Congress forbade women to wear pants). “Society in general wasn’t ready for new things,” Dugan said. “But thanks to those women [back then] Whoever decided to wear pants, now it is normal. ”

Before the embrace of the fluidity of sex in mainstream fashion that has worn straight men’s magazines and red carpet skirts like Style, Machinegun Kelly and Lil Nass X, the LGBTQ + community has pushed for the removal of gender policies placed on clothing. Yet, it is often celebrated by celebrity men who publicly bend them. Brian – who is identified as a sedentary, heterosexual man – said he received messages from the LGBTQ + community who wanted to talk about his privileges. Dugan, who is identified as the queer, agrees. “Heterosexual men, famous or not, are praised, while gay men are oppressed for doing the same.”

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Not only are men celebrated, they are also not in danger of challenging gender boundaries. Brian said that his right to wear a skirt as a sedentary, heterosexual man speaks volumes about what is behind the ban on men’s in-skirts: “I don’t think they’re discriminating against you by what you wear, they’re discriminating against your sexual orientation Against you. “

“Thanks to the heterosexual men in skirts, other heterosexual men can start to see skirts as normal,” said Dugan, who is also contributing to the mission through her blog George Con Faldar, where she documents her skirt-clad outfit and will soon start selling her own line. She said every man should wear a skirt at least once in his life.

As a non-binary person, George Tyrone is also on a mission to use social media to address prohibitions around non-women wearing skirts. “It’s just a piece of cloth and it’s not that important,” Tyrone said. Originally from Cameroon, they grew up thinking that men’s skirts are normal. According to them, it is their south-western Cameroon tribe, as well as the surrounding communities, to wear men’s shirts at the waist.

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But Tyrone, who still lives in London, tried to attend a friend’s party in a traditional skirt from the Scottish Highlands, which they asked themselves: “Why is a fabric of this particular size limited only to women on a daily basis?“They first started wearing skirts at home, but finally got their sport a few years ago. Today, they are creating a community of tickets, dedicated to breaking fashion gender structures by showing off their skirt-based outfits. They say they are slowly realizing that Men’s skirts are simply forbidden in Western view.

“In many parts of Africa and Asia, it is normal for men to wear just one gown,” they said, referring to the East African Kanga and the Southeast Asian sarong. “A lot of clothing isn’t even gender-specific, it’s what people wear.” Paulette agrees. He points to the use of lung-themed skirts by men in southern India. Other examples include Lavalva, a rectangular wrap-skirt worn by Polynesians and a long one worn by both men and women in Myanmar.

While other people may wear skirts to express their identity or culture, for Tyrone, the decision to wear a skirt every day is still in their belief that the clothes have no gender. “It’s not what I wear because I’m non-binary,” they said. “Because it’s like my choice.”

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