Melissa Collajo is burning in the peacock One of us is lying

Collazo shot the pilot in Vancouver in late 2019, before Covid stopped all production. It will take about a year and a half until filming resumes in New Zealand, but Collazo literally took the time to sit down with Mayve. He journaled as a character, created Pinterest boards, and put together playlists. But much was still unknown about Mayev’s Ark. In the book, Mayev is a side character, but Kolajo was told from the beginning that his role in the show would be much bigger. “I just knew my character would change for the better,” she tells me. “I had the theory, but I had no idea where they would go with it. So it was really scary because I was like, ‘What if I have all these ideas and they take it in a completely different direction?’ “I swear I set foot in New Zealand, and once I got my hair cut and the fitting of my clothes, I was like, ‘Mayve’s back. We’re fine,'” he added.

Rich character development is a collage specialty. In fact, the more challenging a role, the better. Although she is still early in her professional life, the 21-year-old has been in front of a camera for most of her life. He grew up on a news set with his parents (his mother was a news director on the Latin American station Telemundo) and landed his first gig at the age of 5 when an entertainment reporter called him ill. She ran friendly news sections for kids up to 12 years old. At the time, he was inspired by the Disney Channel Hannah Montana Acting seriously. “I was like,‘ Oh my gosh, he can live a double life. If Hannah Montana can do it, so can I. ‘ Stranger things Follows a role in a short-lived TV series Swampy things And last year’s horror comedy Strange.

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