Melinda French Gates joins Flatiron Book to launch a women-centric impression

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Melinda French Gates, a vocal critic of the unequal impact of the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic on women and marginalized groups, is making a renewed effort to tackle global inequality কিন্তু but, this time, with a new strategy: the book.

Through a partnership with Flatiron Books, part of the larger Macmillan Publishers Company, French Gates is launching Moment of Lift Books, an impression dedicated solely to non-fiction about the social issues facing women and girls. Off-shoot, named after French Gates’ own bestseller, Moment of Lifting: How Women’s Empowerment Changes the World, Will be launched with three titles, the first of which will come in 2023.

The moment in the title of the passage will present gender inequality through a kaleidoscope of perspective. To begin with, Gina Kraus-Wilmer, president and chief executive of immigrant and refugee-centric nonprofit Apwardly Global, will explore the mechanisms that bind refugee women into the cycle of economic struggle. Sierra Leone’s Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and Chief Innovation Officer of the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation, David Moinina Sengheh, will use his title. Fundamental inclusion, To describe the struggles of pregnant girls to try to go to school in their own country. Finally, Joan N. Smith, founder, president and CEO of Brooklyn-based nonprofit Girls for Gender Equity, will investigate how (and why) American society continues to fail black girls and gender-broad youth.

Joan N. Smith, Gina Kraus Wilmer, and David Moinina Sengheh

Joan N. Smith, Gina Kraus-Wilmer, and David Moinina Sengheh.

Courtesy of Valerie Macon / Grace Cargobai / Flatiron

Frenchman Gates first voiced the idea of ​​launching an impression after Macmillan approached him about following up his bestseller. “He responded that he wanted to promote other voices that work for women and girls around the world,” said Will Schwalbe, executive vice president of editorial development at Macmillan.

Through her work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and her own investment and incubation company, Pivotal Ventures, French Gates has long prioritized women’s stories, but this is her first venture into the larger business of buying and selling books. Someone with a half-economy might tell you that the publishing industry is a completely different creature from Microsoft’s world of technology, but it’s clear that the Seattle-based socialite knows exactly what he’s doing-and, more importantly, why.

“Although we have made tremendous progress towards gender equality in recent decades, the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic is having an unequal impact on women’s lives and livelihoods,” said French Gates. “As the world works for a just recovery, Moment of Lift will publish books that help ensure that women’s voices and perspectives are not left behind. I hope their stories will inspire readers to join the global fight for equality. ”

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