Meghan Merkel walked from head to toe at the UN

Prince Harry and Megan Merkel are visiting New York City this week as both are scheduled to attend the Global Citizen Live event in Central Park. According to Reuters, while here they are doing some sight and some diplomatic work. Today, Meghan and Harry went down to meet with UN Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed.

Meghan’s picture To make his way Through the UN building show, she chose to wear an attractive tan monochrome dress with flowing bell bottom slacks and a long coat over tan heels. Reuters has full-length photos here, while Meghan’s exit from the UN gives a glimpse of Luke, as seen below:

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Meghan seems to favor a monochromatic outfit during her travels, as seen from her recent trip to lunch with Prince Harry at the Melbourne restaurant. The Duchess of Sussex can be seen wearing a pair of red pants and a short jacket to match the red heels:

Meet celebrities in New York City

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The 193 world leaders returned to the UN last week to discuss climate change and efforts to combat the Covid-1 fight, two of the biggest issues discussed in recent months. The Duke and Duchess will urge rich nations to share one billion doses of the Covid-1 vaccine with other nations as they attend Global Citizen Live.

“It was a nice meeting,” Meghan told reporters as she exited the building.

He and Harry recently launched their own foundation, Archwell, which also has a manufacturing branch. Archwell has teamed up with Global Citizen to work on vaccine distribution.

“This partnership continues to raise awareness about vaccine inequality, vaccine dosage sharing, reduction of misdiagnosis of Covid-1 mis, and improvement of public-private partnerships,” the Archwell website said.

Meghan also stopped by the World Trade Center memorial on Thursday, accompanied by New York Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. There he appeared again in solid colors, choosing black:

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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