Meet the voice actress behind ‘Buy: Bridge of Spirits’

“Sometimes they have to go into a trance, and when Sesuhunan comes down, and they dance,” he said. “It’s a really great moment because people can actually communicate with a more physical form of a soul.”

Learning the ropes

Voice acting goes on in Larasanti’s family. Her mother is a voice actress. Amico used his skills to train Larasanti while recording the line for buying – especially with finding a balance between buying emotions. “Sometimes she’s really strong and sometimes she’s very soft, so finding a balance in the middle was a kind of challenge,” says Larashanti.

If Larasanti had gotten her dialogue before the recording, she would have practiced it with her mother – Amiko had tried different emotions for each line. “It was really helpful to find the balance of Kana’s voice and get feedback from someone like my mother, because our parents are always very honest with us,” Larasanti said.

He will look randomly Grand Theft Auto Video and study how voice actors will interact. And since Bought: Bridge of spirits An action-adventure game with combat, he has to record sound for actions such as walking, breathing and hitting. Like watching the show Avatar: The Last Airbender And Kora’s legend This section has helped quite a bit, he says.

“I also saw clips of the characters in the video games and was very pleased to hear the attitudes towards the fall of different actors and how wild they can be,” Larasanti said. He was surprised that even ordinary activities like falling need too much voice exaggeration.

Larashanti recorded most of her voice in the summer of 2020 when she was not at school. At UCLA, he is a major in world art and culture. He is also following a minor in ethnic music because of his desire to learn about other cultures. His grandfather also completed his bachelor’s degree at UCLA, where he also taught gamelan.

“Studying world art and culture and being immersed in different cultures and religions and studying them has really helped open my mind to this role,” she says. It falsifies his approach to depicting buying, as a large part of his studies are giving voice to marginalized people through art. He now looks at the artistic work through a different critical lens that is being represented and whether it is authentic, accurate and sufficient. With Bought: Bridge of spirits, He felt his Southeast Asian representation in the atmosphere and environment. The characters are people of all colors, and they have beautiful relationships.

Bought which represents

Larashanti sees in her role Bought As an important one because Asian Americans often don’t get as much opportunity in the media as their white counterparts, be it in movies, TV shows, or even video games. By truly casting for the purchase, Amber Labs has given Larashanti the opportunity to share her identity and experience through character.

Lara Shanti said of Mike and Josh Greer, co-founders of Emmer Lab, “They were very kind and helpful … and so they helped me find the balance of the buying voice and what they wanted to do.” Without the knowledge of how to address the elders in Sesuhunan or Bali, Bought: Bridge of spirits It would have been a completely different feeling.

“It’s the actors’ backgrounds and heritage traits that can really add a character to the story when given the opportunity, ”he says. Although Larashanti doesn’t know what she will do next, she would love to star in another video game and even go to an animated film. “I think there are a lot of different possibilities,” he says. “It’s funny, but I think it really taught me a lot as a voice actor.”

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