Meet the top ‘domestic terrorists’ in the media

Max Eden for RealClear Politics

A recent letter to Biden, president of the National School Boards Association (NSBA), said that the recent “hate, violence and intimidation against public school officials” could be classified as “equivalent to domestic terrorism” and that its administration was subject to “appropriate action under patriotic law”. However, only two incidents of violence were recorded at the school board meeting in the NSBA letter.

One of them: “In Virginia, one person was arrested, another was given an entry ticket, and a third person was injured during a discussion at a school board meeting about the current curriculum from critical race theory and on equity issues.” If you use social media, you probably saw the video of the arrested person fighting with a police officer. The incident served as a Washington Post storyline lead, and was among others in Politico, USA Today, CNN, NPR.

Why is this man so angry? According to a Daily Wire article, it was because her ninth-grade daughter was sexually abused by a boy wearing a “liquid of sex” skirt in the school bathroom.

There are many levels of interlocking Lovecraftian horror with the story of reporter Luke Roziak to explain here. But the information reported provides a poignant case study of how the realities of public education may be the exact opposite of the story of social justice that many education journalists wander around for a living.

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On May 2, 2021, father Scott Smith asked her to come to a school because her daughter had a “physical argument” with a boy in the bathroom. When he arrived, the school insisted they would handle the situation at home. Suspecting that her daughter had been raped, and the school trying to cover it up, Smith began to lose his temper. So the school officials called the police. On him.

According to the Daily Wire, police officers took the incident seriously enough to give an escort to the hospital, where a rape kit was performed. Roziak reported that the rape kit provided favorable evidence for the prosecution and that the young man had been charged with two counts of forcing.

Less than a month later, when the school board held a meeting to adopt a policy of allowing bathroom access based on gender identity, Smith and his wife were present to express their concerns. At that meeting, school board member Beth Barts described concerns about sexual harassment as fanatical paranoia and declared that “our students do not need to be safe and they are not in danger.” He then asked Superintendent Scott Zilger “Are there regular attacks in our bathroom or locker room?” Ziegler declares, either lying or out of unforgivable ignorance: “There is no record of an attack on our restroom. We have heard this many times from our public speaker tonight, but the hunter transgender student or person does not exist.

Following the exchange, Smith was contacted and alleged that a woman named Jackie Schworm, a frequent poster of a Facebook group, Loudoun County Anti-Racist Parents, a watchlist with the names, addresses and employment information of the guardians of the awakened opposition. Made school policy. Smith told the Daily Wire that he tried to explain what had happened to his daughter and that “he saw me dead and said ‘nothing like that happened.’ Said “Oh … I’m going to ruin your business on social media.”

Realizing the situation could be ugly, a police officer went to restrain Smith. He resisted, they wrestled and the officer pinned him to the ground. Lost in the sound of the viral video, Smith’s wife shouted: “My child was raped at school, and that’s what happened!”

Whatever can happen can certainly happen. Although no one would have known it without Roziak, the only education journalist in America who cares to find and report unpleasant incidents.

A few days after the story was published, it received extensive coverage from conservative media such as Fox News, The Blaze, Red State, National Review, Newsmax, The Washington Examiner, and the Daily Caller.

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In contrast, a Google search shows no coverage from CNN, NPR, Politico, ABC, NBC, CBS, or Education Week. The Washington Post reports that Loudoun’s parents publicly expressed concern that the same attacker had sexually abused another girl at the school where she was transferred. But the post did not mention that the first alleged attack involved a so-called sex-liquid male girl wearing a skirt in the bathroom. And it did not mention that the girl’s father’s response, which was previously shown as a lead in another post story, was cited as a prime example in the NSBA letter calling on the Biden administration to consider using “patriotic law.” Terrorism ”in response to threats and the alleged rise of violence.

Excluding these key facts, both are politically very inconvenient, liberatingly fortunate for liberals. Because, as the post says, “democracy dies in the dark.”

NSBA President Chip Slaven, however, should now know the truth of the case. I reached out to him with the story and asked if he would consider issuing a public correction or interpretation of his now infamous letter, or if he would be Mr. What the judiciary needs to consider as an example is “domestic terrorism” if Smith’s story stands out. He made no comment and the letter remains unchanged.

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Max Eden is a Research Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

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