MBED: The 76ers have always been tailored to the needs of Simmons

Earlier this week, The Athletics’ Sam Amic reported that Ben Simmons did not want to continue playing with Joel MBD. This has nothing to do with their out-of-court relationship and is considered a stylistic conflict.

MBED was asked about the report at the Sixers training camp on Thursday. He said that every team in Film Voice’s Kyle Newbeck has always been made based on Simmons’ needs.

Among the six steps taken by the Sixers to make Simmons comfortable, MBE highlighted his own adjustments. He further mentioned that the team has tried to fill in the rest of the roster shooters for Simmons ’struggle.

Despite his comments, MBD still wants Simmons to return to the team because he knows the Sixers will not be good without him.

“We’re a better team with him, there’s no question about that,” MBD said. “We’re still hoping he’ll change his mind, but I’m here for these people to think about what we have here. It’s fun at work. To figure out what’s going to happen, it’s not my job, I’m not GM.” “I’m not an owner, so it’s not my business, honestly.”

Simmons has come out of the Sixers training camp and has been told not to play any more games for the franchise. He cut off all contact with the team and even refused to meet with several of his teammates who wanted to encourage him to return to the 2021-22 campaign.

Simmons is willing to pay a fine for forcing her out of Philadelphia. The 25-year-old’s relationship with the Sixers began to deteriorate when the company tried to trade him on the Houston Rockets in exchange for James Harden.

76 want a pull with an “all-star-caliber player” and multiple first-round picks for Simmons. However, several interested parties have so far refused to meet the demands of the franchise.

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