Mayfield plans to play on Thursday despite a shoulder injury

The Cleveland Browns lost 37-14 to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and then listed 20-yes, 20-players in their injury report on Monday before Thursday’s prime-time match against the Denver Broncos, a showdown between a pair of 3-3 clubs. The most troubling of Cleveland’s injuries is quarterback Baker Mayfield appearing to re-separate his left (not throwing) shoulder vs. Arizona, a push that jeopardized his season until Monday evening.

Mayfield told reporters Tuesday and there is no doubt he is planning to play against Denver, according to Kevin Potter on the NFL website.

“It’s my decision. I’ll tell you what to play or not to play, and just like that,” he explained during his comment.

Mayfield was previously believed to have suffered a partial torn labrum in the second week of May 1field, but he confirmed on Tuesday that the matter was more serious.

“It’s actually completely torn,” Mayfield announced. “There are other things inside that are broken. It’s just one of those things … like a shoulder injury you try to stabilize it. Strengthen the muscles and ligaments around it where you feel stability and there is no possibility of popping. I’m almost here. Luckily a great guy worked with me to work with me.… It’s handling it, and trying to prevent it from happening again but if it falls like a Sunday game, the way I felt, anyone’s shoulder could slip out of it. .

The Browners already knew that Karim Hunt was going to miss more than one game due to a calf injury, and co-bowler Nick Chaber also had a calf problem. Jedrick Wills and Jack Conklin began aggressive behavior among the inactive against the Cardinals.

The backup case is available to fill in for Kenam Mayfield if the Browns head coach Kevin Stefansky finally decides to defend his QB1 and give the 26-year-old some extra rest before the Week 8 match against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Halloween afternoon.

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