Mauricio Pochettino: PSG head coach Man is keen to get a job at UTD. Football news

Mauricio Pochettino is keen to replace Ole Gunnar Solskare as Manchester United manager.

Paris Saint-Germain head coach Pachettino is Manchester United’s first choice to take over permanently from Solasczar, who was sacked on Sunday and Sky Sports News The former Tottenham boss is rumored to be interested in becoming a director at Old Trafford.

However, Pochettino’s immediate focus is on PSG’s next match against Manchester City in the Champions League on Wednesday.

Pochettino, who took over at PSG on an initial 18-month contract in January, signed with the Ligue 1 club until the summer of 2023 after the extra-year option became active.

Sky Sports Scholar and former United defender Gary Neville is confident Pochettino will leave PSG at Old Trafford if given the chance.

“I think Mauricio Pochettino – although he never said it – will be leaving Manchester United on a five-year deal tomorrow,” Neville said. Sky Sports.

“He will look at that team of players, he will look at the club and he will understand that he will probably be able to achieve more than Manchester United in a project.

“At PSG you’re one season away,‘ you have to win the Champions League or you stay out ’, the type of model.

Former Spurs boss Pochettino has been in charge of PSG since January

“I don’t think Pochettino is fit. I think he will come to Manchester United on a five-year deal, with support behind him.”

Ajax head coach Eric Ten Hagg is understood to be United’s second choice for the role of Soulskar’s long-term successor.

Sky Sports News It has been said that Ten Hague will be “100 percent interested” in the role. Like Pochettino, Ten Hague will have one year left on his contract next summer.

Manchester United have already announced their intention to appoint an interim manager until the end of the season, with Michael Carrick, a former assistant to Solskazar, being given temporary charge of the team.

Villarreal will face United in a crucial Champions League match on Tuesday, before Premier League leaders return to domestic action at Chelsea on Sunday, live Sky Sports.

Farewell to Ol: I gave my all for Man Utd

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tells the club’s social media channels that running the club is an honor and privilege and they will see each other again (Photo: anManUtd)

Solskjায়r said he was “honored and privileged” to manage Manchester United but acknowledged that he had paid the price for not being able to “take the next step”.

Speaking for the first time since his dismissal, Soulsacker told the United website: “First of all, I would like to thank the board and the owners for giving me the opportunity because it is not for everyone and I have the opportunity.

“I am extremely honored and privileged to be credited with moving the club forward, and I truly hope that I will be able to keep it in a better condition since I arrived.

“It’s one of the things you dream about in your life. When you were a player, when you were the coach of a reserve team, the next job, the only dream and the only thing you didn’t do. The club was managed, and I have it now. .

“It was a ball, it was absolutely enjoyable from the first minute to the last minute, so I have to thank all the players because since I came, they have been the best boy, the best man. Someone has come, someone has gone, but all of them, they have to work. For has been such a delightful bunch.

“The board and the owners have supported me [terms of] Bringing good people, bringing in good players and I think, or I know, I’m leaving this club with a good squad. I think everyone knows I gave my all for this club. This club means everything to me.

“I’ve made great friends, I’ve reconnected with some great friends, new staff are coming in with whom I’ve become really good friends. The other staff who were here when I was there, we were good friends and we connected What about the club.

“With the fans, they were amazing. From day one to the end in Cardiff. [They’ve been] Upstairs, and we’ll see each other again. “

Neville: Soulskazar can’t have any complaints

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In this off-script, Gary Neville gives his thoughts on the dismissal of Soulsky and the current culture of Manchester United.

Gary Neville has conceded that it has become inevitable to dismiss Solsczar after falling out of form following Manchester United’s 4-1 defeat to Watford.

Despite one devastating result after another for United, Neville has refused to call for Soulskazer’s dismissal, but has admitted that the club had no choice but to work towards the end.

“I always say managers deserve two or three years in a job,” Neville said Sky Sports. “Ole can’t complain. He’s been given three years. He’s been given support in the transfer market. David Moyes has been given eight months and he’s been fired.

“I don’t think Ole can complain about the time he has been given and the money he has been paid. I don’t think he can complain about the players he has been given.

“I think he will be very disappointed not to be able to perform this season. He had high hopes. We all had high hopes.

“Only he and the players can understand what went wrong in the last few months – and we can never get to the bottom of it.”

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