Matt Getz prepares for criminal trial as prosecutors weigh grave charges

Representative Matt Getz (R-FL) has not yet been charged with the crime, as prosecutors are measuring the extent of the allegations, but Guys is preparing for trial.

It’s normal that Matt Getz hasn’t been charged yet

According to the Daily Beast:

In fact, legal experts told The Daily Beast that the perceived silence is nothing out of the ordinary and could be linked to a variety of factors – including the broader allegations that investigators can investigate. Although Getz and his allies prefer to explain the lack of charge as an indication of innocence, the delays could easily mean that the charges coming down from Pike are extremely serious and complex.


Former Federal Prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks shared that explanation.

“The trial lawyer he is hiring will show that they are preparing for a trial, not a negotiation. “

Nothing in Matt Guys should be read yet not being charged

Like Donald Trump, the delay in charging Matt Gatez criminally does not suggest innocence but the potential seriousness and complexity of the allegations that are coming.

If Matt Gates really believed he had done nothing wrong, he would not have hired a full fleet of criminal defense lawyers to represent him.

Just on the phone and in the testimony of witnesses, prosecutors seem to have a lot of evidence, but now the question is, can they now be convicted of any criminal charges they are facing?

While Gates is stuck across the country on a sedition tour with Marty Taylor Green, his legal issues continue.

Like Trump, Gates could face criminal charges by the end of the year. Matt Gates ’political career may soon be over, and his career as a jailed sex offender may soon come to an end.

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