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About five years ago, News infamous Pepe reported that non-fungible token (NFT) cards were minted in counterparty protocol in 2016 after the frog was added to the blockchain collectible world. Now Pepe the creator of The Frog, Matt Fury, has added his flair to the mix with a special NFT featuring his original green amphibian creation.

Crypto fans got their first introduction to NFT on the counterparty rare Pepe in 201 First

In 2005, when Matt Fury introduced the Pepe frog to the world, he did not expect it to gain such virality across the web. At the time, he didn’t know what a meme was when he created the green frog that is now shared across the web.

More than ten years later, in 2016, the Pepe frog was a legend and the cryptocurrency was in transition to another climactic bull race. In October 2016, News reported the rare Pepe blockchain card that was introduced through the counterparty blockchain.

Matt Fury added to the 2016 NFT Card Collection - 'Rare Pepe Directory Complete,' says NFT Wallet Creator
Rare Pepe trading card from 2016.

At the time, our Newsdesk noted that “Rare Peps is a picture of the infamous frog, which is traded on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain as an XCP asset, much like the spelling of a Genesis card.” Since then, the rare Pepe directory indicates that the team has created a total of 36 series featuring the Internet’s favorite green frog and many other characters.

Five years later, in 2021, older NFTs like Nilicoins, Rare Pepe and Curio Cards saw new demand. In fact, some rare pepe cards that are super-rare have sold for thousands of dollars. Opensia has old rare papaya cards and people are selling lord cake dust.

Rare Pepe Wallet Creator: ‘And with that, the Rare Pepe directory is complete’

On October 5, NFT Marketplace launched and Matt Fury’s Pegz NFT project Fury’s FEELSGOODMAN Rare Pepe card. On Twitter, Chainsaw wrote: “Chainsaw NFT, Pegasus DAO and Matt Fury Mat Fury Philsgoodman are pleased to announce the auction of rare peps. A piece of blockchain history, originally from 2016. Chainsaw added:

In collaboration with’s creator Ast Wasthataulf, we see this rare papaya in Bitcoin and Ethereum, among papaya lovers of all shapes and sizes.

After the Chainsaw Declaration, the creator of the rare Pepe Wallet, ast Vastataolf Said: “And with that, the rare Pepe directory is complete.”

Matt Fury added to the 2016 NFT Card Collection - 'Rare Pepe directory complete,' says NFT Wallet maker
Matt Fury “FEELSGOODMAN” Rare Pepe Trading Card.

On the Chanso website, an ad created by NFT Fury explains that the team of producers “has a desire to bring peace between the BTC and ETH communities for this paper.” The auction announcement – which aims to go live on Thursday – adds:

500 cards issued, 400 burn, 99 pages will be in DAO, and an auction is taking place here.

As the NFT makers noted, “Pegasus DAO recognizes Pepe as an icon of great cultural significance, which can and should be sanctioned by dark forces.” “We acknowledge that not all frogs can be owned, but we hope that our responsibility now and forever will be dominated by good amphibians.”

What do you think of the rare Pepe NFT trading card written by Matt Fury? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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