Massachusetts governor activates National Guard to test school children for covid

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R) announced Tuesday that he has activated the National Guard to help school children test covid.

Baker activated the 5,050 members of the Massachusetts National Guard for two missions: 200 members will support the Covid test at K-12 schools and up to 250 members will be used to fill staff shortages in the Correctional Department (DOC).

School Examination Mission

“The Commonwealth has developed a country-led Covid-1 testing program to help K-12 students stay in school safely. More than 2,200 schools have now signed up to participate in at least one of three types of exams: exams and location, notable exams and pool exams. Since the start of the school year, pooled test results show a pool positivity rate of less than 1 percent, and tests and locations, which are used to test close contacts, have saved about 25,000 school days for students who would otherwise have to be separated. ”

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Correction Contingency Planning Division

In close coordination with public safety officials, DOC continues to prepare for the possibility of downgrading DOC staff due to non-compliance with Executive Order 595, which requires all executive department staff to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 by October 17. May immediately initiate job-specific training for staff and may play a role in reducing the level of DOC staff as needed.

Last month, Governor Baker activated the National Guard to take children to school amid a widespread shortage of bus drivers.

By mid-September, 250 guards had been activated to fill the gap.

Dozens of state troops have also resigned because of Governor Baker’s mandatory vaccine mandate.

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