Marjorie Taylor Green has been named as a coup plotter by the 1/6 organizer

The organizers of the conspiracy to attack democracy and Trump’s coup raped. Marjorie Taylor has named Green as one of the planners

Marjorie Taylor Green is identified by 1/6 organizers as a coup plotter

Rolling Stone reports:

Two sources, both of whom have been allowed to remain anonymous due to ongoing investigations, described taking part in a “dozen” plan briefings the day before Trump supporters entered the Capitol to confirm his electoral defeat to President Joe Biden.

“I especially remember Marjorie Taylor Green,” the organizer said.

Marjorie Taylor has been under investigation and suspicion since the Green attack.

Green has been under suspicion since the attack. He has basically clarified his position by calling for a new civil war. Green threatened to shut down telecom companies after the 1/6 committee recorded his phone. He was a vocal supporter of the rebels and even ran for president in 2024.

Eyewitnesses are now putting representative Green at a meeting to plan Trump’s coup. His phone records will probably reveal that he was involved in the conspiracy. The 1/6 investigation could result in a criminal referral to Republican Taylor Green for trial.

1/6 The witness testimony of the planners of the attack shows why House Republicans were so alarmed about the coup and the investigation into the attack. House Republicans were involved. Lots of House Republicans. An unanswered question for the committee is how did the Capitol invaders know where to go when they were inside?

The answer was that they had help from House Republicans.

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