Mario Van Peebles reminds his father of black filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles

For the first time since the news of his father’s death on Tuesday (September 21), the actor / director Mario van Xhosa The huge loss in public has been dealt with not only by his family, but also by countless Hollywood fans and professional colleagues.

Iconic filmmaker Melvin van Peebles Died on the evening of September 21 at the age of 89 and was surrounded by family at the time of his death.

His son paid homage to his father, the best Known for generations for directing the films of 1971, Assassin’s Creed Sweet Sweetback, Through an ongoing written tribute.

“20 years after Melvin was created Sweetback Outside of the studio system, I have to make my own movies, New Jack City, Inside the studio system like Melvin and other cats Gordon [Parks] And OC [Davis] – But especially because of Melvin. He made it easy for all of us who followed, ”Van Peebles said Hollywood Reporter.

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Melvin was a Renaissance man: an actor, filmmaker, novelist and composer who used his creative skills to advance the civil rights movement. His film “Sweetback” was a game-changer for Hollywood and became the highest grossing independent film of its time. As her son proves, the film also became an inspiration for other classic movies Alloy And Super flying.

“Sweetback Being a revolutionary butt. Then, there was a movie in Hollywood written by two white boys – absolutely beautiful boys – called Alloy. And then they saw that Melvin made a hit with his movie, so they rewrote their movie on Blackface. And then came after him Super flying. Sweetback Against the system, against the status quo, against the people, right? Alloy People work with the buttocks. And Super flying Made drugs against your own people – poisoning your own people for men – buttocks. ”

Mario also noticed that while his father was able to successfully launch projects, he kept other blacks behind and in front of the camera. Hollywood may still be predominantly white and male, but it is more integrated because of the impeccable and generous legacy left by Melvin Van Peebles.

At the end of paying tribute to his father, Mario simply wrote, “He was a pioneer, an abstract, and a great cat.”

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