Marines under investigation for speaking at the Trump rally

Lance Corporal Hunter Clark, a Marine who was on stage at a rally for former President Donald Trump last weekend, is now under investigation.

Task & Purpose describes Clark as one of nearly 1,000,000 U.S. troops accused of guarding Kabul’s airport as civilians desperately tried to flee the Taliban-controlled country of Afghanistan.

Trump was told that the Marines were caught on viral video carrying a child in chaos for safety over walls. He introduced her this way.

Clark himself added to the claim.

“I’m the guy who dragged the kid over the wall and that’s probably one of the biggest things I’ve ever done.”

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The Marines at the Trump rally are under investigation

Marine quickly raised some eyebrows when she heard bragging about her own work, and Hunter Clark himself was the subject of some fact-checking by the corps.

In fact, a spokesman for the Marine Corps said in a statement: “As for the viral image that spread around August 20, 2021, the Marine LCPL clerk identified in that particular image was not present.”

To make matters worse for Clark, he is now under investigation for attending a political rally.

“The 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) last weekend launched a command investigation into the presence of LCpl Hunter Clark to determine if any DoD policy had been violated,” the spokesman added.

Political rallies are prohibited for actively military members.

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Kabul Baby is safe

Although the Marines at Trump’s rally may not have been the person who rescued the baby from Kabul airport that day, the baby is now safe and is reportedly living in Arizona. A Marine.

The baby’s name was Leah, and her father told the Arizona family details of her escape, an escape that helped capture and symbolize their frustration with trying to survive and escape in Afghanistan.

“That day I handed my baby over to a complete stranger. The only thing I believed was that she was a Marine and my daughter would be safe, “he explained.

Lear’s father hopes to one day meet the real Marine, who dragged his child safely.

“Oh my God. I hugged her. She literally saved my daughter’s life,” he said.

While one Marine is under investigation for joining Trump’s rally, another has been sent to prison for criticizing the incompetence of military leaders, leading to frustration in the first place in Afghanistan.

He was sent to prison after criticizing the illegal withdrawal of Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Schiller, he repeatedly posted on social media, against the order.

Dozens of Republican lawmakers wrote letters to the U.S. Marine Corps on Thursday requesting that Schiller be released from pre-trial detention.

The Marine Corps assures Schiller that “all due process will be carried out.”

His hearing was adjourned until next week, according to the Daily Mail, as his lawyers and corps were trying to reach a conclusion.

Think about what is happening here. The defeat in Afghanistan has killed 13 service members. As a result, 7 children died in the drone attack. As a result, hundreds of American and Afghan allies were released to defend themselves against the Taliban.

And at the moment only two are being investigated for their actions, one Marine who attended Trump’s rally and another who demanded accountability to the leadership.

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