Margaret Kowali on backing FKA twigs in Shia Labiuf abuse allegations

Open to Margaret Qualley Harper’s Market The singer shared her story about her decision to publicly show her support for FKA Twigs He About her experience with ex-boyfriend Shia Labouf. In December, Twigs filed a lawsuit against Labiuf alleging sexual battery, harassment and intentional mental anguish during their relationship. Labiuf denied Twigs’ allegations “in general and in particular” in response to his lawsuit. In a statement emailed New York Times During the trial, Lauf wrote that “although many of these allegations are not true,” he gave Twigs and the women the opportunity to “publicize their statements and take responsibility for the things I have.” Done. “

“I’m not in a position to tell anyone how my behavior made them feel,” he wrote. “I have no excuse for my drinking or aggression, just rationality. I’ve been abusing myself and everyone around me for years. I have a history of hurting people close to me. I’m ashamed of that history and I’m sorry for those who hurt me.” I’m sorry. I can’t really say anything. “

The story comes shortly before the news of Kowali and Labiuf dating began. Kowalli and Labiuf’s relationship ended in January, a source said People At that time, “Saturday they broke up. They have different places in their lives. “In February, when Twigs’ He As the story came out, Quali shared the cover on his Instagram and hinted at Twigs ’support by writing“ thank you ”.

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Harper’s MarketReporter of Molly Creeden asked Quali about the post for the magazine’s October cover story on her. “I think a lot of people were inspired by your support,” Creeden told Quali. And I can’t even imagine that it was a decision you took lightly. Why did you do that? “

Qualley replied, “It was important for him to know that I trust him – and it’s that easy.” He then “politely” told Creeden that he did not want to talk about his personal life.

With its cover story He, Talked about why Twigs decided to go public with his experience. “It’s hard to do in public … but I want people to know my story,” he said. “If I can’t help people with my experience, it makes my experience 10 times worse. It has to have a point – why it happened to me. It’s not just about me. [personal] Recovery. “

He also talks about the key steps in getting rid of abusive relationships – finding safe housing, connecting with your community, becoming financially independent – and becoming emotional while sharing. “It’s very fresh for me, obviously,” Twiggs said. “I know [this journey] Not going to be perfect. But I hope if I can take a little step, and people can see me take my life back, it will inspire them. I gave [LaBeouf] Now back to his disability. I went on my whole Magdalen tour holding that illness – it was on stage with me, every time I gave an interview, on every red carpet. I was not enjoying any of it. Because I still held on. But now I have returned it. Now he holds it. And everyone knows what he did. ”

You can read the full story of Twigs here.

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