Manny Khoshbin’s story is homeless to 1 billion

If you scroll Manny KhoshbinOn Instagram, you will see Wealth, success, And Lots of beautiful automobiles. You can look at her life and say “well, it’s definitely beautiful” a few decades ago, Manny was Homeless, Sleeping in the car With five other family members, simply Trying to survive in America.

Manny’s father wanted to protect his son from entering the military in Iran, so two weeks before Manny’s birthday, The family packed up and left for the United States. They were homeless for a few months but were gradually able to find a job and spend some money together. Manny has worked in a swap meeting, a K-mart, a multi-level marketing company Sale of snacks, and various other works.

While he was working, he realized that people were driving Porch, Lamborghini and Mercedes. Investing in real estate. After making money on his entrepreneurial endeavors, he His first purchase Commercial property. Now, two and a half decades later, Manny is sitting on one billion dollars worth of real estate. Oh, and did we mention that he bought all this without a syndicate?

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In this episode we cover:

  • Manny’s “American Dream” story From immigrants to millionaires
  • Why Commercial real estate This is a profitable investment
  • Opportunity for value addition And the reversal of commercial real estate in the space of a few years
  • Which The real estate industry Is In a downward trend (And which to invest in)
  • Steps New real estate investors It will take to make it bigger
  • Manny’s why Luxury car An investment, not just a toy
  • And So Too much!

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