Manchester United star Harry Maguire is unhappy with Solsczger’s decision to appoint him captain of the club.

According to the Manchester Evening News, some Manchester United stars are dissatisfied with the decision of Ole Gunnar Solsczar to appoint Harry Maguire as the club’s captain. Some in the Red Devils dressing room felt that the Englishman had been handed the armband prematurely.

Manchester United have announced that they have fired Ole Gunnar Solskazar from his post as manager. The decision to dismiss the Norwegians came after Watford lost 4-1 to the Red Devils.

Especially after the defeats of Manchester United near Liverpool and Manchester City, Soulskar has been under a lot of pressure recently. In the end, the Red Devils had no choice but to dismiss him.

Manchester United fans are hopeful that the dismissal of Soulskazar will usher in a new era for the club. However, the departure of the Norwegians has brought to light some of the issues behind the scenes.

According to reports, some Manchester United players are unhappy with Soulsquare’s decision to appoint Maguire as club captain. Some in the Red Devils dressing room believe that the armband was handed to the Englishman prematurely.

Something #mufc Players dissatisfied with Harry Maguire’s promotion to captaincy. One player questioned why he was dropped so quickly, but Maguire and Fred were often retained despite their poor performances. Even the father of one of the players admitted that his son had been “c ** p” for weeks #mulive [@samuelluckhurst]

Maguire joined Manchester United from Leicester City in the summer of 2019 for around 80 80 million.

The decision to give Maguire an armband was criticized by many fans at the time. If reports are to be believed, not all Manchester United players were happy with the decision.

It has also emerged that a Manchester United star questioned why he was dropped so quickly when Maguire and Fred were often retained despite not performing well. The father of one of the players admitted that his son had been ‘c ** p’ for several weeks.

Jesse Lingard had a good relationship with Soulskazar, but was shocked by the lack of time to play. Axel Tuanzebe, who is currently on loan at Aston Villa, felt he lacked support from the coaching staff after poor performances against Istanbul Basaksehir and Sheffield United last season.

Diego Dalt wondered why Aaron One-Bisca started, when Brandon Williams was unhappy he wasn’t allowed to go on loan in January. Manchester United’s recent form is worrying, but fans will be even more concerned about these issues behind the scenes.

Could Harry Maguire lose his role as Manchester United captain?

It remains to be seen who Manchester United will appoint as Solaczar’s immediate replacement. Whoever it is, they have a lot of work to do to turn things around at Old Trafford, one of their top priorities being solving problems.

With some Manchester United players unhappy with Harry Maguire’s armband, it remains to be seen whether the new manager will remove him from office. Many fans believe Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandez and David de Gea are better candidates to lead the club than defenders.

The next thing the manager has to do is take off Harry Maguire’s band. Cristiano Ronaldo or David de Gea must be the captain of Manchester United.

Manchester United fans are hopeful that whoever comes will make the right decision and bring back the glorious days at Old Trafford.

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