Manchester City is still good

Jack Grillish And the company handed it over to Chelsea yesterday.
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It’s a little amazing, little by little, that the team that won the Premier League title and was a Champions League finalist just a few months ago could somehow fly under the radar. But with its sound Cristiano Ronaldo and his rape allegations Landing across the city, or Romelu Lukaku giving Chelsea a new impetus, or Lionel Messi packing for Paris, the eyes seem to have moved away from Manchester City. Seeing the failed chase of both Harry Kane and Ronaldo at the club, it seems that manager Pep Guardiola has felt a weakness that he was able to dance to last season, But could not manage a second time. And going behind Ronaldo, a weird fit, would be suggested Frustration in the city’s decision-making process. Even after spending 13 137 million on Jack Grillish, it was probably the fatigue of discussing the city as the best for most of the last decade.

A nice draw with Southampton last week was another bullet that was apparently linked to a first-day defeat to the Spurs, ignoring the fact that they had won their other three matches in the league jointly 11-0. Or they somehow conceded three goals in their first Champions League game this season when their expected goal was just 0.61 to play. They still won by three.

They certainly reminded everyone yesterday exactly why they are still the best team in Europe.

If it is possible to stop a team 1-0, City beat Chelsea yesterday. It should have probably been 2-0 or 3-0. City held Chelsea to just 0.22 expected-goals throughout the match, and 0.18 in the second half which Chelsea trailed and tried to equalize. For the non-analytical trend, it is hovering for a match. There were no shots at Chelsea’s target in the afternoon.

Maybe City will have to pick their points a little more than usual, and they can’t push as furiously as Chelsea in every match. But at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea didn’t have time to catch their breath. How I wrote Lukaku Gave Chelsea many more options After completely swallowing Arsenal. One way to deprive Chelsea of ​​these options is not to give them time to try to move to Lukaku. City had three forwards and two advanced midfielders, including their fullbacks, with Antoine Rudigar or Andreas Christensen or N’Golo Kante or someone else getting the ball in the shirt. One thing is to post Lukaku just outside the opponent’s penalty box. Another is to ask him to keep him frustrated at the halfway line as there is no one around him. He wasn’t up to it. The level of complexity required to sort through the city press when it is soup-up It’s impossible for any team, including some of the best in the world, like Chelsea.

This could allow City to re-occupy more than 30 yards from Chelsea’s goal, where you don’t want them. Chelsea are still one of the best defensive teams on the planet, but give City enough cracks and they will eventually find a hole. As the match progressed, Grillish and de Bruyne and Gabriel got more and more space until Jesus admitted to the lucky lucky goal.

When Chelsea manager Thomas Tukel decided not to keep Kai Hawartz in the likeup and Mason Mount, who is usually next to Lukaku, was injured, something was done for the city. The Christian policeman, as his way, was not around. Timo Warner was once again given the opportunity to rise above his current Town Jester status, and again failed. The idea was that he could threaten City and extend them with their speed and isolated chances, but when Chelsea didn’t have time to hit those passes, he didn’t connect with Lukaku or midfield at Chelsea’s normal start. He spent a lot of time waiting for the passes he had Will never come

So the numbers are that City are in second place, one point behind Liverpool (although they could be Brighton’s two leaders if they win Brighton tomorrow night, which is … awesome). The league has the best difference in their expected goals, and the goal they gave to the Spurs in the opening weekend is the only one they have conceded in six league games (even the funniest thing seems to be that Tottenham will never be able to score again) the rest. They could be considered the toughest game of the season. And if it doesn’t, it’s the next one a week at Liverpool. And they are still the team that has won three of the last four titles. They will tell us when they are not the cream of the crop, not the other way around.

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