Ludacris has created the new Netflix series ‘Commerce World’ to teach kids about empathy, creativity and acceptance. News

Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges One of our best performances of hip hop. In addition to being a multi-award winning rapper, he has starred in numerous acting roles and is now working behind the scenes with Netflix. His greatest achievement, however, will always be fatherhood. A father of four, Bridges is now launching his latest project, inspired by his eldest daughter The world of action.

The series follows a young black girl named Karma who wants to be a rapper. The series will take you on a journey with Karma, her family and her tribe of friends as she passes her adolescence, learns healthy ways to love herself, finds her empathy and develops her passion for music.

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BET.com Talked to the bridge about development The world of action And life lessons it gives to kids of all ages.

The world of action It’s all about who you embrace and confidence, ”explained Bridge. “The show also deals with self-doubt and we all learn how to deal with it as human beings. Many children will be able to relate to the action, which is why we deal with some problems in each episode. What the audience will learn from it is life-changing. “

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When asked about paternity in particular, Bridges said he is now choosing projects that allow him to be closer to home.

“Making shows like this The world of action So I can have the flexibility to stay home with my kids and choose when to go on tour, ”he said. “Looking for a job so I can stay close to my family and not go so far so that I can make a living that I want to live is the best way to keep it.”

See and enter our interview with Ludacris below The world of action, On Netflix.

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