LPGA Tour: World No. 1 Nellie Corda tied for the lead with World No. 2 Jin Young Kor. Golf News

Leaderboards: -14 N Hataoka (Jpn), -14 N Korda (USA), -14 JY Ko (Kor), -14 C Boutier (Fra), -12 L Maguire (Ire), -12 L Thompson (USA), -10 g Hall (Eng.). Watch the free final round live via the Sky Sports Golf YouTube channel

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Nellie Corda tied for a 54-hole lead

Nellie Corda and Jin Young Ko, the top two players in the world, will advance to the finals of the LPGA Tour season to take the lead in the CME Group Tour Championship.

Co threatened to tear up the record book when he dropped seven birdies in the front nine until a boogie in ninth place blew air out of his sail and leveled each hole in the back of the world’s No. 2 to post 66 and added to NASA Hathaway under 14. Day.

Despite not birding until the ninth, Hataoka fired a superb 64 before, storming the home with just 29 strokes to claim the clubhouse’s lead which was later tied by Co, Corda and overnight leader Celine Butier.

Jin Young Ko has made seven straight birdies in the front nine

Jin Young Ko has made seven birdies straight in the front nine

Corda admits he was “frightened” by an incident on the 12th when he feared punishment for moving his ball, when he expressed concern about keeping his form despite making five birdies and a bright eagle card on the 17th, while Butier Led by an overnight tough four days, the Solheim Cup star made just two birdies in his 72nd.

Although Kordar tops the world rankings, Tiburan Golf Club in Naples has a slim lead over the Core Americans in the Race to CME Globe standings with just 18 holes left in the season.

But Corda was relieved that his score was verified after brushing the rules in a wild T-shot in the par-three fixed to the pine stray on the left, although his ball was seen to move when he saw the shot in front view.

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“It was a good round, kind of up and down,” Corda said. “I made a birdie and then I immediately bogged down or got myself in trouble, and then this kind of situation in par-three scared me a bit.

“I don’t know what it is, I have a mental block with that pin. I think, ‘OK, put me on the pine straw to the left!’ Then I was looking at where my chip shot wanted to land and I looked down and I saw that I had moved the ball a bit and then it was back in its place.

“I didn’t want to take any chances, so I just called a rules officer. If I’m going to talk about the penalty, I’m going to address the penalty. The one-stroke penalty is a big difference here. It takes you down a bit on the leaderboard, so I was definitely a little stressed.

Corda reached 14th under the 17th Eagle

Corda reached 14th under the 17th Eagle

“When they saw the video footage, they said it was back in the original place, which I saw it do, but I’m not the person who called. They.”

The Co-Round was a story of two nines, barely losing a beat in the front half before being denied many chances to claim a direct lead at the 54-hole stage.

“Getting seven birdies in a row was really fun,” says the world’s No. 2. “I felt like I could make every put in the front nine. I had great rounds, lots of good shots and good jute in the front nine, but I had a lot of missed shots for the back nine.

“But it’s pretty good, and I shot better than yesterday, so it was good.”

Korda missed a penalty in the 12th minute

Korda missed a penalty in the 12th minute

Co also revealed that an MRI scan would be performed on one of his wrist injuries that had been bothering him for the past few weeks, describing his level of discomfort as “five out of 10” pain.

“I had the pill this morning and I got the medicine from the doctor in the trailer,” he added. “I taped it every day, even in the pro-am and practice rounds. But when I get back to Korea, I’ll do an MRI and check everything.”

Gabby Lopez rode a rock in the last three holes when tied for the lead as he put his T-shot in danger at short 16 and double-bogged before returning both shots with a 30-foot double-breaking putt for the Eagles. 17.

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November 21, 2021, 6:00 p.m.


But the Mexican then became short-sighted and took his gaze to the final green and found the water, as a result of which Bogie dropped him to 13th with Mina Harige, just after a bogey-free 66 in the Selena Cup sensation Leona Maguire from the lead. Two away.

Irish star Nanna Korstz added 12 runs under Madsen (67) and Lexi Thompson (68), but Georgia Hall slipped four shots from the pace after a disappointing 71 runs.

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