Low-income voters were the key to overtaking Trump, the study found

A new study has found that political pundits are often dismissed as dissatisfied and chaotic because low-income voters played a key role in Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential election.

Huge turnout among low-income voters in the 2020 election বিশেষ especially in the war-torn states জো helped Joe Biden and Democrats win in the Senate and House, ending the survey of the “sleeping giant waking up” campaign by the poor. Organization, a lawyer for low-income Americans, Has launched a non-partisan voter registration campaign 1 vote in the state before the 2020 vote.

The reason poor and low-income voters traditionally vote at lower rates is not because they are not interested in politics, but because politics is not interested in them, ”said Rev. And the Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis wrote on the front page of the report published on Friday.

“They don’t listen to their demands and demands from the candidates or think their vote is important,” they added.

They are also less likely to vote due to illness, disability, transportation problems and the rise of voter suppression laws, the authors added.

But the 2020 election saw the largest turnout in U.S. history, including poor and low-income voters.

Of the 168 million Americans who voted last year, 59 million 35 a total of 35% াদের had an estimated annual income of less than $ 50,000, classified as “poor,” or low-income, the analysis found.

Where Biden’s victory margin was 3% or less, low-income Americans voted 34% to 45% (Arizona 39.96%), Georgia (37.84%), Michigan (37.81%), Nevada (35.78%), and North Carolina (43.67). %), Pennsylvania (34.12%) and Wisconsin (39.80%).

Among the low-income voters were white Americans as well as people of color.

The statistics “challenge … the media-driven narrative that … white low-income voters have brought the real foundation of the Republican Party and Donald Trump to the White House”, writes author style Gupta Burns.

He added, “Research shows that instead of excluding white low-income voters, it is possible to build a coalition of low-income voters around a political program that focuses on their common problems.

For a large segment of the population to come to the polls, however, lawmakers must support the agenda of talking to voters.

The Poor People’s Campaign supports legislation to ban biased gerimandering, expand early voting, and establish a national automated voter registration system.

See the full report here.

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