‘Love Jihad’ bogie targets interfaith couples in India – global problem

Sheba Aslam Fehmi at a function organized by Dhanak to celebrate married couples under the Special Marriage Act.
  • By Maria Selim (New Delhi, India)
  • Inter Press Service

In an interview with IPS, he said, “What they have heard all their lives points to Muslims being violent, conservative, coercive and so on.

This story is one of the few where the last was ‘happy’, and the family did not bow to social pressure. However, if one looks at the recent propaganda and the rise of Islamophobia in India, one idea that has added fuel to this fire is the fictional propaganda of ‘profit jihad’.

Profit jihad is a term propagated by religious fundamentalist groups, accusing Muslim men of conspiring to convert non-Muslim girls in the guise of love.

Promoting this idea is probably one reason why Ali had to struggle to convince his wife’s parents that his love for their daughter had nothing to do with his religion.

Although it may be easier to protest such narratives, socially, with more awareness, which has popularized the term and the hatred associated with it, in some cases, it has won the support of right-wing political parties in the face of violence and criminalization of such marriages. Success.

“Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, hundreds of pages and handles that post real events force Hindu women to marry after being deceived by Muslim men and forcing them to convert and live and die as captives and rights activists based in Bangalore. Ashwini KP said at the home of their alleged violent Muslim husband.

In the state of Gujarat, challenging the provisions of the Gujarat Freedom of Religion (Amendment) Act, 2021, one of the petitioners’ lawyers, Advocate Isa Sa Hakim, argued: Nothing more has been done than communal motives and this is contrary to the constitutional morality, fundamental features and fundamental rights guaranteed under Articles 14, 19, 21, 25 and 26 of the Constitution. Constitution. ”

The Gujarat High Court, in an order dated August 1, 2021, stayed the operation of several sections of the Act, including a provision which termed interfaith marriage as a means of forced conversion. The court said the order was being passed “to protect inter-faith marriage parties from unnecessary harassment.”

Last year, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath addressed a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh Announced: The government will work to suppress ‘profit-jihad’, we will make a law. I warn all those who hide their identities and play with the respect of our sisters if you do not fix your way, yourThe name Ram is trueThe journey will begin (a stage taken to burn people) “Therefore, it is not surprising that in a state where the Chief Minister makes such an open threat, right-wing groups have used love jihad for communal tensions and riots. A total of five states in India, where The BJP is in power, there are laws based on the conspiracy theory of profit jihad without actually using the sentence.

“It also undermines the agency of 21st century Hindu women. We are a society that fears its own daughters, and in order to keep an eye on them to prevent them from making their own choices, they (the current regime) have come up with very Islamophobic and communal laws on security and safety issues. Journalist Sheba Aslam Fehmi said, ‘their’ women.

Fahmi, the president of Dhanak, also works to protect couples’ right to choose a marriage or relationship partner. The organization supports couples in interfaith faith and interracial marriages.

He told the IPS that they were trying to help inter-religious couples with safe houses so that they would not be targeted by right-wingers.

It is disturbing that couples who want to get married under the ‘Special Marriage Act’ (a law passed by the Indian Parliament that allows interfaith marriage without conversion) have a section, which is now being challenged, where a 30-day notice is publicly displayed. Objection invitation, before the marriage is registered.

Shital (name changed), shared with IPS how he received threatening calls from some right-wing groups when he and his Muslim partner decided to register under the law.

“My Aadhaar card (National Identity Card) details were published in a Facebook group. My parents, who have approved our alliance, have received calls threatening to have ‘terrible consequences’ if they do not stop our marriage, “said Shital.

Dhanak co-founder Asif Iqbal said in an exclusive interview with IPS that they started the organization because there was no support system for interfaith couples trying to get married using special marriage laws. The purpose was to organize people against religious extremism.

“I was forced to sit in a police station in Delhi for six hours. The investigating officer was trying to find out about a possible conspiracy, because I was the last person, an interfaith couple spoke before fleeing. The boy was a Muslim and the girl a Hindu.

The fear of the vigilante group is so prevalent online and in real physical places that even brand advertisements using interfaith marriage concepts, especially where the boy is Muslim, are targeted as promoters of profit jihad. A recent example is a popular jewelry brand that is marrying a Hindu woman and a Muslim man. The ad was trolled on social media, the company removed the ad from all forums.

For couples seeking to challenge the strict law, the only way is to go to court. However, the worrying feature is that profit jihad targets Muslims and offends its men in society with frequent incidents of Islamophobia.

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