Louis Vuitton’s latest perfume is basically rum-less in a bottle

France is the place where lovers fall in love again. Paris, the capital of the country and a city considered to be the most romantic place in the world, boasts all the traps of a glamorous rum-com: stunning sunset cruise along the Sine River, instant photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower, secure your love with a padlock Lock Bridge, etc.

For his new perfume, Spell on You, he described Louis Vuitton’s scent story as “passionate love,” which probably contained images of the city of love and its attractions. But the man behind the scent of French master perfumer Jack Beltrude-LV does not suggest clich কারণs because for him, “passionate love” exists elsewhere in France, south of the city of love, the fragrant capital of the world’s cities: Grass.

Located in the mountains just north of Cannes, Grass’s charming designer stores are not among its cobblestone blocks or yachts riding on the Mediterranean Sea, but in the gentle breeze that carries the native fragrance in the grass. Les Fontaine’s Perfumes – Standing in front of Beltrude – Louis Vuitton’s Fragrant Atelier and Beltrude’s workplace in the heart of Grass – A Botanical Dream (and a Two-Night Dream of Seasonal Allergies) “I’m interested in making things with strong money. Where there is love, there are flowers, ”Beltrude said. “I have the best office in the world, so I have no excuse other than to make good perfume.”

Growing up, Beltrude was constantly asked by his father about the different scents – who were scented at the time – but it was the scent of his mother’s rose water that reminded him the most. “In the morning, she was applying rose water to her mouth. So one of my strongest scents is the rose. That’s why I love roses and use lots of orange flower extract and roses in my fragrance, ”he explains.

Spell on you

Louis Vuitton

$ 265.00

Before creating his perfume, Beltrude said that the story of each perfume begins with an image that he then translates into material, color, and emotion. “I believe that perfume is the translation of the world, as it is, but more importantly, the world, as it should be,” he said. Spell on you, that picture was love and flowers. Every morning, Beltrude wakes up before 5 a.m. to do his “morning scent session,” which is walking in his flower garden, touching, smelling, and listening to nature. “I need to connect with nature. I like to look at the sea, which is 10 kilometers away in front of me. I can see the sun and the light of day, ”he said. After three years in the lab, Spell on You is a fragrant presentation of Beltrude’s relationship with nature and flowers. Named after one of her favorite songs, Nina Simone’s “I Put a Spell on You”, the first thing she greets you when you get to Spell on You is the subtle and soft pink scent that is not so intense. Other The color of love, but a new and sensual invitation that will be exposed to that scent when you open the black cap.

3.4 The subtlety of love for capturing ounces of liquid is infinite. Yet, Beltrud skillfully weaves in the weightlessness of the new-born love, the thrill of magnetic attraction, and a perfect freshness of summer.

Spell on you


“I think we’ve come to the end of the fruity scent, and we’re probably at the beginning of the romance – at least I hope so,” he says. Beltrud noticed how more and more women were regaining ownership of their lives and careers and wanted to create a scent that reflected the same energy and skills of that woman in the bottle. “I’ve tried to break the rules by creating 100% floral perfumes but to express new ideas of femininity in the power of flowers.”

Airy and intoxicated; Seductive and innocent, the spell on you is made around Florence Iris which explodes the freshness of a flower before the layers of fellow flower sumac jasmine and grass roses rise. As it dries, the acacia makes it into a delicately crushed note that Beltrud calls “intoxication” punctuated with a pinch of musk. The combination of powdered flowers with powdered musk stimulates feminine sensuality and confidence.

Spell Lewis Whitton on you

Nerisha Penrose

“[Spell on You] A bouquet of flowers with a pinch of fruit. I wanted to create a loving perfume, something with style, energy, greed, personality that doesn’t kill you or other people after spraying two, ”Beltrude said. The goal of the perfume is not only to leave a lasting impression on the wearer, but in the room, you are going out. “I like the idea of ​​a woman crossing the house and her scent lasts for good reason and you want to follow her because the scent is so attractive,” she said.

According to the definitions of Belletrud and Louis Vuitton, Spell on You is one of the two most romantic romantic jokes that we have all fallen in love with. Probably it is 500 days of summer, A heartwarming upcoming film that draws viewers with classic rum-com frills (exuberant music, awkward first acquaintances in an elevator, etc.) but doesn’t necessarily end your thoughts. Perhaps it is an impossible pairing of a wealthy businessman and an escort Beautiful woman. But Blatrude, who is also a clich–ever, says his version of Spell on You Flick will probably lean more towards Quentin Tarantino. “Romance is not always clich tenderness; It could be pulp fiction, “he says. Vincent (John Travolta) and Mia (Uma Thurman) dance in a restaurant. Her favorite scene is Mia’s perseverance and gentle confidence. Beltrude expects women to feel it when they spell on you.

“I want her to look beautiful, to be sure, to feel like a hundred percent woman. The perfume is helping someone; They reveal your true personality or character, so play with it, “says Beltrude.” I like the idea of ​​a woman’s neck smelling fragrant and making that moment unforgettable for someone else. ” Maybe, but Beltrude suggests saving it for the night. “Romantic dinner,” he says with a smile. “You know what I mean?”

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