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On Wednesday evening, the Los Angeles City Council voted 11-2 to approve a new ordinance forcing local businesses and venues to give sponsors proof of their Covid-1 for vaccination.

Those who want to eat dinner at a restaurant, watch a movie, style their hair, or spend significant time in an internal business will need to provide vaccinated documentation.

You would think that taking such drastic measures in Los Angeles is an indication that there is a struggle going on here to vaccinate people or that the city and the surrounding area are in the midst of a huge Covid-1 spike. There can be nothing more than the truth. More than 77 percent of Los Angeles County residents have received at least one vaccine shot. About 70 percent are fully vaccinated. This complete vaccination rate is 10 percentage points higher (59.5 percent) than the rest of the state and about 15 percentage points higher than the national rate.

And new Covid-1 infections are also sinking in LA County. Not exactly at the level they were before the Delta variant began to expand, but every day they are moving closer to the level where the city previously lifted its interior mask order.

Nevertheless, the LA City Council and the mayor are moving forward with the plan in the hope that it will push for the remaining holdouts to be vaccinated.

Mayor Eric Garcetti explained in a statement.

But let’s be very clear here: what the city is actually doing is outsourcing the responsibility of vaccinating people for private local businesses. There are fines for disobeying the law No. Trying to get into restaurants and movie theaters is on unhappy people, but that business fails to catch them. Penalties start at 1,000 (starting with the second violation) and can reach up to $ 5,000 per quote.

It is going to be a two night dream to abide by the ordinance. There is no single set value for vaccine checking. According to the text of the ordinance, a picture of your vaccine card on your phone is enough. While it’s good that LA isn’t forcing everyone to download some app or use a tool to prove it, it will make things very messy for business employees to verify properly so they don’t get fined.

In addition, the order provides exemptions for individuals who are not vaccinated due to medical conditions or religious beliefs, for which the sponsor must “self-certify” his or her reasons and provide a recent negative COVID-19 test (although no test results for outdoor seating). Not necessary). Of course, this means that anyone who still refuses to be vaccinated will be able to do so, and if they say magic words, they will still go to the same places.

And it’s the unconventional person’s choice, just to be clear. Don’t read this as an argument that the LA will try to force people to get vaccinated using its authority.

But it is certainly not good for the LA to use its authority to force local authorities to monitor citizens. It is basically a form of collective punishment. Thousands of businesses in the city and county of Los Angeles (which is implementing its own vaccination mandate) will be held accountable for the behavior of those who refuse to be vaccinated. Businesses that make mistakes will be forced to deposit money in the city, although they are not responsible for the patrons’ failure to vaccinate and they do not have the capacity to do so.

As such, a council member, John Lee, voted against the ordinance, noting that it was “punitive to business, not encouraging those who are irresponsible to be vaccinated, and only religion to increase the patchwork of rules.”

Another council member who did not vote, Joe Buscaino, tried to amend the ordinance to make it a crime to harass law enforcement employees and to get city workers to analyze the source of potential funding for the businessman to comply. He could not get a second council member to approve his amendment. Although some of the bad consequences of the ordinance are easily conceivable, Mark Ridley-Thomas said that these amendments need to be further scrutinized before council members can consider them.

Some LA businesses will only be happy to serve vaccinated patrons. Some have already introduced voluntary vaccination tests. But the ordinance implementation scheme creates significant financial risk for people who have actually been vaccinated and are just trying to make a living.

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