Looking for a job? Here’s how to get six months of free broadband

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Finding a job in the 21st century means you need to have access to the Internet. But for some, the price of broadband is too high. That’s why Toktak and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are offering free broadband to job seekers for six months.

Let’s see what you can get – and how it can help.

How can you get free broadband?

The new national program is being launched to offer job seekers for all job centers plus work coaches. So it’s not that if you want a new job, you can bag yourself for six months without paying for your broadband. Sorry!

Instead, there are projects to support those who are closed outside the digital world. So if you are out of work, don’t have access to the internet and are now struggling that training and job support has gone online, this voucher is for you.

This means you can connect digitally and take advantage of the full range of support on offer. These include the Plan for Jobs program and resources on the Job Help website.

What does the voucher scheme give you?

This is a non-contract voucher for six months on Fantastic Fiber 35 broadband. Its normal cost would be £ 23 per month. So in total, the voucher gives you 8 138 savings.

You can get WiFi connection through home router. Use uncapped. But before you assume that it will cover all your Netflix binge-monitoring, think again.

There is no option to add things like TV service or voice call to the package. It’s all about giving you free broadband for job hunting purposes.

What will happen after six months?

Hopefully, during the free six-month period, you will secure yourself a job and popping Proseco. If not, you have at least taken the first step by accessing new training opportunities.

So when the six-month free broadband period ends, you will have a few options. You can either go into contract with Toktak or cancel at no extra cost. All you have to do is return all the equipment through the prepaid return service.

While negotiating a deal with TalkTalk may seem like an easy option, if you’re in a position to do it, it’s always worth comparing a little price. Even though you may no longer have free broadband, you still want to get the best deal for you. So it is a good idea to compare broadband packages before accepting a deal from Talk Talk.

It should be noted that other phones and broadband packages are available for low-income families. For example, Vodafone UK offers unlimited 5G data, calls and text to job seekers for £ 10 per month – up to six months.

Alternatively, some providers like BT and Virgin Media offer significantly cheaper broadband deals if you are on universal credit. BT’s Home Essentials service offers superfast fiber broadband for £ 15 per month. The deal usually costs around 28 28 a month. Virgin Essentials broadband service is also £ 15 per month and there is no fixed term contract.

Just remember that with this type of broadband agreement, you have to prove that you are eligible for Universal Credit.

Can you be rewarded for your daily expenses?

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