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Recently a student at the University of Kent in London was robbed at Knifepoint for his bitcoin. After eight thugs entered his dormitory and demanded the release of his crypto credentials and password, the student was forced to leave campus and he returned home.

Freshman College students lose bitcoin in on-campus mugging

A recent report found that a college student who started as a New Year K was robbed at the University of Kent, a school located in the historic city of Canterbury. The student’s mother described that five days before her course started, her son started talking about cryptocurrency with a friend at school.

“They were just talking about boys. [Then] The conversation has turned [finance] And the friend started talking about cyber currency, ”the student’s mother explained. After the discussion, the boy’s friend complained, the student had brought eight friends from East London to visit the student’s room and he knew immediately that he was in trouble, his mother announced.

The student says his bitcoin stash was worth about 000 6,000 ($ 8.2K) when he was robbed. But now that same bitcoin bit worth 68K ($ 93,000) and a gang of thugs have stolen স্ক 3,000 worth of his school grant money. The student then called the police and rushed to the security hut and the student’s mother said the security guards did not go to the crime scene. The police never came because it was more important to be present that evening. The student’s mother insisted:

The only step of the university was to transfer him to different residences. He was very injured so he went back home despite having safe and improved accommodation.

Police withdraw case after 8 months, warns London’s Freshers Fishing Week mother

To make matters worse, the student was not refunded. The Canterbury District Police Department dropped the case after eight months. The mother said in detail that she was upset that Kent’s security guards and police had done nothing. He also warned other freshmen that the same thing could happen to them.

“Police usually call Freshers Week‘ Fishing Week ’because all the criminals come down,” he said. “They know the students have received grants, laptops and new things. Attacks, assaults, and robberies are common throughout the country, ”the student’s mother added.

The truth of the matter is, holding crypto assets is not a wise thing to disclose to others unless you truly believe in them. Bitcoin snatching has been going on for years, but there has been an increase in crypto robberies that escalate violence to steal bitcoin or other digital assets, as the value of the crypto economy skyrocketed in the last half of 2020.

What do you think of the college student who was stabbed by eight robbers and his so-called friend? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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