Listen to Stewer: The new ‘Family Guy’ video promotes the Covid-1 vaccine

If the vaccine holdout Dr. If you don’t listen to Anthony Fawcett, then maybe they will listen to Steve Griffin.

This is the thinking behind the announcement of a new public service, which explains to the animated characters of “Family Guy” the science behind the Covid-1 vaccine and the benefits of getting it.

Producer Seth McFarlane voiced the characters for the three-minute video-vaccine skeptic Peter Griffin, little boy Steve, their talking dog Brian and Dr. H. Hartman.

The video combines the unprepared humor of “Family Guy” with truth, as Stui and Brian contract and enter Peter’s body, where they explain how the vaccine fights the coronavirus.

“Vaccines activate our immune system without the risk of actual infection and protect us from disease, which trains the body to fight the real thing,” Stui explains.

Spoiler alert: Finally, get Peter vaccinated.

Lisa Sherman, CEO of Ed Council, said in a statement that the video was intended to provide viewers with critical vaccine information in a new and ridiculous way.

“We are proud to work with some of the country’s leading immunologists and epidemiologists at this PSA,” said Rich Apple and Alec Sulkin, exhibitors of “Family Guy”. “And while they never understood a note they gave us, we took it all.”

Health officials are urging more than 70 million Americans to take shots of those who have not yet been vaccinated, as coronavirus diversity spreads across the United States.

Covid-1 deaths in the United States averaged more than 1,900 deaths per day for the first time since March. Health officials note that while vaccinated people can still catch groundbreaking infections, they are prone to mild illnesses and their chances of being hospitalized or dying are severely reduced.

“Family Guy” airs on Fox Fox,
And is produced by Disney’s DIS,
20th Television Animation.

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