Lindsay Graham was asked to consider vaccinating Republicans

Sen. Lindsay Graham provoked a fundraiser in South Carolina to dare to advise Republicans to think about vaccinating.


Graham noted that COVID2% in South Carolina were among the obsolete who were admitted to Covid Hospital, and the crowd became restless and started joking.

Sen. Graham then suggested that people should think about getting vaccinated. People started shouting and scolding him. For his accomplishments, Sen. Graham stressed that he was glad he had been vaccinated.

The irresistible Republicans are not reaching out

One suspects that if Donald Trump asks irresistible Republicans to vaccinate, he will be disappointed, perhaps because Trump is not saying anything because his fragile ego cannot handle any kind of rejection.

Republicans are deciding not to vaccinate, which means that at some point nature will take its course and many people will die unnecessarily ill.

The problem is that obsolete people don’t just hurt themselves. They are giving Kovid a chance to turn into something vaccine-resistant that could make everyone sick.

Lindsay Graham was right. People should be vaccinated. What was seen with Sen. Graham was not a vaccine hesitation. It was hostility and denial.

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