Lindsay Graham: The border crisis is a ‘bullfight —‘; Biden Administrator ‘Criminal Negligence’

U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham, RSC, spoke Saturday night about the ongoing crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border under the Biden administration, calling it a “bunch of bulls —” with Judge Jinin during Fox News’ appearance. “

“It’s offensive, it’s a bunch of bulls — and it needs to be stopped,” Graham said.

The senator specifically mentioned that “well-dressed” Brazilians had a habit of obtaining tourist visas to go to Cancun, Mexico, then driving with their luggage to the US-Mexico border. Before heading to Border Patrol agents, they book a flight to visit a loved one who is already in the United States. The Brazilians were then released to the United States

The effect of this process is that Border Patrol agents are “for hotel clerks … better for Brazilians who are scamming and playing games.”

“They got better luggage than me,” he added.

Leaked Border Patrol Docs Releases Illegal Immigrants to Us by Biden Administration

Graham said the United States has seen 46,000 Brazilian immigrants arrive so far this year, but the Brazilian government has refused to allow them to return home without the Covid-1 for vaccine or negative test.

According to the senator, in 2020, 1,000,000 illegal immigrants were caught in the Yuma, Arizona sector on the southern border. As of this month, 2021 has seen the arrest of 114,000 illegal immigrants.

Graham blames the Biden administration for the increase in illegal immigrants in the Yuma sector, “None of this [whom are] He said El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are “from Mexico or the North Triangle country”.

“You are doing the same thing to Venezuelans [as Brazilians], “Graham continued.” People. [who are] Quite well in Venezuela. I understand wanting to come to America, but at the end of the day, our Border Patrol agents are being denied the ability to police at the border because they are processing agents.

Graham said agents wanted to arrest “drug dealers and terrorists” at the border. He warned that an open border and al Qaeda and ISIS “roaming”[ing] Freely “under the Taliban in Afghanistan”, some terrorists are going to take advantage of this system, come here and kill a bunch of us if we don’t change. “

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Graham said Joe Joden was criminally neglected. “I think his administration is criminally negligent in controlling its borders.”

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