Like it or not, the hope of the 2022 World Cup in the United States is in the hands of its young players

None of the 11 players who made their debut for the U.S. men’s national team against Costa Rica on Wednesday night were alive when the country hosted the FIFA World Cup. That was in 1994, just 27 years ago. Some games were played in Dallas, where striker Ricardo Pepi now plays Major League Soccer. At that time, he was eight years old.

USMNT started the youngest lineup of all time in this World Cup qualifier in Columbus, Ohio, a decision was made because the “kids” are very good – but their adults are not easy. This is affecting efforts to reach Qatar by 2022 which is easily rejected by many supporters of the party.

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The 2-1 win over Costa Rica was unnecessarily disappointing as the team, whose players averaged 22 years, 199 days old, sometimes played like children. The defense stumbled against a forward move in the first minute that forced goalkeeper Jack Stephen to leave his area to clear the ball. His efforts to get the ball across the sideline weren’t strong enough, and Costa Rican saved Ronald Matarita, who sent a cross over the U.S. defense to unmarked winger Kishar Fuller. He made a rolling shot at one point that Stephen didn’t see until it was behind him.

Right back Sergino Dest equalized in the 25th minute with his left foot Great goal Teenage midfielder Yunus Musahar strikes after a beautiful recovery, setting the dust up to go into space above the box and firing the ball into the left corner.

Defender Miles Robinson sent a soft, lazy, side pass to central partner Chris Richards after the game ended 1-1 early in the second half, who did not respond to Robinson’s error and Ticos’ veteran Brian Ruiz went ahead to block the ball with his own and Stephen’s goal. To go It helped that Ruiz was 122 years old – okay, just 36 – so Robinson was able to catch him at the top of the box and clear the ball.

In the 5th minute, Wiyah became free from the right side of the box, took Dest’s pass and fired a shot suddenly and forcefully, which could have stopped one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Blessings for the men’s national team in the United States, the Costa Rican player who fits this description, Kyler Navas of Paris Saint-Germain, said goodbye at half-time due to a muscle strain.

Weh’s shot bounced off the right post and Navas substitute Lionel Moreira hit his left rib. It then rolls over the round line. The official scorers of Wednesday’s match ruled it as their own goal.

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In extra time, Costa Rica was contaminated y0 yards from the box and had no choice but to send a free kick to the area and hoped for the best. The United States swiped the ball with its legs tangled before landing in front of Stephen, which kept it covered. There was a Costa Rican foul on the way, but it could be a disaster.

And what should be expected from this team, until it is resisted by a snowstorm of strength and creative talent. Which happened in Columbus.

“As I’ve said before, I don’t think there’s been enough talk about it,” coach Greg Berhalter told reporters. “Twenty-two years and 199 days was the average age of our starting lineup. It’s basically not heard in international football. You go and see Germany, France, Brazil তারা they’re basically 28-year-old, 29-year-old teams playing.

“So let us navigate through this CONCACAF qualification – which is a bear, a monster – with this group, and the amount of pose they’ve shown on the field today, especially going down to a goal, and then a goal in the second half and handling the game quite well. I am proud of this effort. The boys have shown a lot of peace.

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The United States is in crisis because the country has not produced any national team players, mainly between Toronto FC striker Jozie Altidore (who turned 20 in 2009) and Chelsea forward Christian Pulisic (who turned 20 in 2012). One could say the time in the middle of the Freddie Edu Generation: Neither Landon Donovan nor Damarcus Beasley or Clint Dempsey appeared to replace the original.

Among the players who represented the United States in the 200 FIFA U-20 World Cup, only midfielder Mix Discord and winger Break Shia have won more than 25 senior national team caps. Probably the most successful product of that team was Josh Lambo of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who scored 527 points as a placekicker in the NFL.

The 2011 Under-20 team, which included forward Bobby Wood and midfielder Sebastian Lelegte, failed to make it to the FIFA Under-20 World Cup. The 201 team was made up of Dundrey Yedlin and midfielder Kelin Acosta, who have a combined 110 senior caps.

Because of that relative void, Barhalter tried to rely on the experience of Leletgate, 2, and Acosta, 22, to control midfield in Sunday’s street game against Panama. His faith was not rewarded. The burden of these two was too heavy to bear and the United States lost 1-0. And many fans এবং and analysts from some former players আঘাত hit the coaching staff for this result.

“What I try to avoid, especially with the team, is putting pressure on them because of external forces,” Barhalter said. “We have enough internal pressure that we want to play in a certain way. We want to play well. And we want to win games. It’s hard to pick all the World Cups. Selecting all the World Cups is challenging. And sometimes I think people have forgotten it. And people think it’s a cakewalk. And we’re going to play the youngest team in the history of U.S. soccer in a game and we’re just winding through these games. It is not realistic. ”

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If you are wondering if there has been any progress since the Kuvar disaster, when the USMNT failed to qualify for the World Cup four years and three days ago, consider that they lost 2-1 to Trinidad and Tobago in the tenth and final qualifying game for Russia. 201 2018 IV

The team has played six matches so far: three at home, three on the street. Wednesday night’s victory put the U.S. on a total of 11 points. This is 1.83 points per game. Four years ago the average was 1.2 points per game.

The Americans won three games that were then called “hexes.” They have already matched that total for more than half the time. They lost their first two matches in 2016-17. They have just one defeat in half-a-dozen match days, three points ahead of second-placed Panama in fourth place.

“We weren’t sharp enough in the beginning, but after that we did well,” Dest told reporters. “We just work as a team and it’s really nice to see it.

“We’re like brothers to each other, and I think it’s really important to compete at the highest level and win games. Because football doesn’t always have to be a beautiful grab game and thing. The point is most important.

“We have a really young team. We’re like talent, really upcoming talent. We all work together and we all get experience. Because these games are tough. We’re not used to playing against this opponent.”

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