Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Shelley released from pending court-brigade at Camp Legion

Lt. Col. Stuart Schiller

North Carolina-Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Schiller was released from Brig at Camp Legion on Tuesday for court-martial.

Schiller was thrown into the brigade for daring to reprimand the military leadership for surrendering to the Taliban, arming the terrorist group with অস্ত্র 8 billion in US weapons, and holding thousands of Americans and green card holders hostage.

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Lt. Col. Schiller said when 1 American soldier and a woman were killed by ISIS bombers.

On September 27, Schiller was placed in pre-trial custody.

The Marine Corps has not yet taken charge of Schiller, but according to his father, “they made him an offer that was less than a pension and a respectable discharge without any benefits. It was verbal and he did not accept it. ”

Lt. Col. Stuart Schiller launched a campaign against President Trump and his family on Facebook before arresting him last week and sending him to the brigade.

Schiller spoke about President Trump and his family:

President Trump. Everyone asked me to kiss the ring because of your following and ability. I refuse. While I respect your foreign policy position, I hate how you have divided the country. I do not want or do not want your help. You don’t have the power to pull the US together. You can even win the next election. But your generation is running out of time. Tell your son to stop tweeting about me. Your whole family knows nothing about the United States or our sacrifice. I’ve never been able to work with you. Rather than compromising my beliefs, I would rather be released from prison and be dishonest.

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