Libya’s parliament passes law on assembly elections News of Khalifa Haftar

The new law comes ahead of a national vote scheduled for December 24 under the UN-led peace process for Libya.

Libya’s parliament passed a law on assembly elections on Monday, its spokesman said, under a UN-led peace process, ahead of a planned national vote on December 2nd.

The legislature “passed a law on the election of the House of Representatives in Monday’s meeting,” Abdullah Bliheg of the Eastern Parliament wrote on Twitter.

He said that through this, the council will complete the necessary laws for holding presidential and parliamentary elections.

The law came less than a month after Speaker Aguilera Saleh signed the presidential election law into law.

Shortly afterwards, parliament passed a no-confidence vote in Tripoli-based interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dwiba.

Libya has endured a decade of violence since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in a NATO-backed uprising in 2011, sparking a complex civil war that has drawn multiple foreign powers.

The country was divided into rival administrations: the United Nations-recognized National Accord (GNA) in the capital, Tripoli, and a separate pre-existing administration led by Haftar. Everyone was supported by militias and a row of foreign powers.

A landmark ceasefire between the East and West camps last year paved the way for a UN-backed peace process after a year-long failed proposal to seize Haftar’s Tripoli.

The Debibar unity government took charge in March to lead the country in the December elections, but has raised doubts about the conflicting process over the legal and constitutional basis of the elections.

Meanwhile, Libyan Foreign Minister Nazla al-Mangush on Sunday announced a “very decent start” for the withdrawal of foreign fighters from the country.

The United Nations estimates that 20,000 foreign fighters have been deployed in the country, including private security agencies Wagner, Chadian, Sudanese and Russians from Syria.

The United Nations, Libya and several other countries have repeatedly called for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Libyan soil.

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