Liberals continue to divide the party against the infrastructure bill

Senior White House officials on Tuesday worked tirelessly to meet with key lawmakers and staff members in an effort to build consensus between moderates and progressives to bring together both Democrats on infrastructure bills and reconciliation plans. An administration official said Mr. Biden has held a series of meetings at the White House, as well as meetings with progressives.

A White House adviser said Mr. Biden and his team often work through competitive positions that Democrats of various parties have highlighted. On Capitol Hill, moderate Democrats were confident that enough Republicans would support the infrastructure bill so that it could clean up the House. Biden sends the law to his desk.

But the Liberals were strong, and received some high-profile encouragement across the capital. Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who heads the budget committee, issued a scathing statement urging liberals to stay united in their positions.

“If there was a framework that would solve the major problems for which we are fighting for reconciliation, if there was a serious top line – I believe tr.5 trillion dollars – and there was a hundred percent agreement between Manchin and the cinema they would support that we would get out the details, that’s one thing. “We’re not there yet, and it’s annoying to me that I understand that, they’re going to the White House and nothing is happening yet. So I think it’s too early to pass an infrastructure bill at this time.”

Lawmakers in both chambers have said they hope to quickly bridge the gap between the moderate and liberal groups in their party, although many specific demands for a holdout remain unclear. Mrs. Pelosi has personally reiterated that she will not accept a reconciliation bill that cannot pass the Senate.

But he told Democrats he wanted to leave time for continued discussion on the issue, and until Tuesday afternoon, the vote on the bipartisan infrastructure law did not seem to be delayed. The bill includes 5 550 billion in new funding over 10 years and maintains several important transportation programs that were suspended until the end of fiscal year on Thursday.

After the afternoon meeting at the White House, Mr. Manchin said that after the afternoon meeting at the White House, when there was pressure on his position and the problem of voting in the House.

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