Liberal activist who targets Republicans with Maga Mascarade

“The intrusion into our office seemed like a very deep wound,” he said.

In response, he created Project Veritas Exposed, a website that uploads pictures and dossiers of people who secretly work for Mr. O’Keefe. In 2018, Virginia Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger’s campaign, Project Veritas Exposed, found her and fired a volunteer after confronting her.

Most recently, Mrs. Windsor provided a document to reporters in the New York Times about a planned operation in 2018 with Project Veritas Operative. Further reporting revealed that the target of the operation was HR McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser, who was then favored by Trump supporters. (Project Veritas has filed a defamation suit against the Times on a separate issue.)

Ms Windsor rejected any notion that her secret work was a form of retaliation after her advisers infiltrated the company in 2016.

“It has nothing to do with O’Keefe’s secret work that I’m currently doing, and the far-right is trying to overthrow our democracy,” he said.

When asked for comment, Mr. O’Keefe accused Mrs. Windsor of selectively editing her video, including that Ms. Windsor and one of her colleagues infiltrated Democracy Partners with a Project Veritas operative. (The episode predicted her current secret series with Republicans.) Mr O’Keefe said his group’s “reporting and our record speaks for itself” and argued that Miss Windsor had “weak morals”. The Democracy Partners Project has filed a lawsuit against Veritas for the infiltration of a liberal group, and that lawsuit is ongoing.

In some ways, Mrs. Windsor’s sting probably echoed the stunt’s top practitioners to deceive Republicans, including comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who co-starred Mr. Pence and Rudolf W. Gill in his 2020 film “After the Borat Movie.” But Mr. Cohen carries his jokes primarily for entertainment and shock value, where Mrs. Windsor sees herself as a more serious political player.

His current work is funded by a small nonprofit progressive group, American Family Voices, which, according to his website, conducts activities that “more traditional theological DC groups were not capable or willing to do.”

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