LFW has collected 2.5M for the project, set for its IDO

Play-to-earn blockchain fantasy game, Legend of Fantasy War (LFW) will launch an initial decentralized offer (IDO) for its native token $ LFW. $ LFW IDO is scheduled to be held on 28th October at Polkastarter and BSCStation at 1 pm UTC and 6 pm UTC respectively.

Legend of Fantasy War is a stunning 3D turn-based role-playing game, featuring thousands of heroes with distinctive abilities and personalities. Set in its ecosystem, LFW will give millions of players worldwide the opportunity to play games and gain by holding on to those LFWs.

LFW is a game-changer in the gamefie era due to its blockchain technology and unique approach to gaming. Gamers can turn their in-game items and achievements into financial rewards without losing them even if they move away from the game. In addition, NFT-owned gamers can transparently buy, sell, exchange and auction on the LFW NFT Marketplace. LFW has excellent visual and motion design and a variety of game modes (such as story modes for collecting in-game items, solo battling modes and group battles for prizes), which distinguishes itself from other gamefie projects.

Holders can play and invest in games with that LFW (LFW’s native token). Users complete game missions and earn some tokens by sticking NFT items or characters to bridge the space between DeFi and NFT. $ LFW is a governance token that allows its holders to participate in game direction decisions through a decentralized autonomous body. The number of tokenmixes is announced, a maximum of 200,000,000 tokens can be delivered. Of these, only 2.8 million will be available in public sales.

Users of the Polkastarter or BSC station platform will be able to participate in IDO in a secure and loyal environment and use resources within and beyond the current ERC-20 standard. IDO was launched less than a week after closing the LFW $ 2.5 million funding round from key supporters such as Sifolio Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, Polcaster and Bybit.

Here is the IEO information October 16, 2021 – 2:30 PM (UTC). Get your token on during this special event.

Furthermore, the fund is expected to be directed towards efficient and infrastructural development, allowing the ecosystem to scale faster. The game will also earn through multiple ways, including in-game fees, NFT sales and marketplace transactions.

Key Features

Legend of Fantasy War (LFW) has immersive, unique and rich gameplay. Broadly, its features are;

  • In-Game Activity: To complete countless missions and earn rewards, the game allows character selection and team building. As the mission progresses each team will fight through the formation of enemies. After completing quests, missions and activities, players can gain incredible benefits from the game.
  • Multiverse: LFW is set in a mega multiverse where multiple space-time portals interconnect with different worlds and LFW is a different game in the universe. LFW tokens are being used across these multiverse.
  • LFW Marketplace: Players can earn LFW tokens by selling characters and other in-game items in this marketplace or by putting them up for auction. These LFW tokens can then be converted into games.

The future development of the LFW ecosystem

There have been several blockchain games since the development of blockchain. However, LFW differs from regular blockchain games in that it continues to evolve and evolve.

Much more, LFW is working to turn blockchain gaming in particular and the blockchain community in general into a healthier, more ideal place for gamers. It is not like many other games that have focused on ‘play-to-earn’ possibilities and failed to consider the capabilities of the blockchain.

Although the initial release is only Legend of Fantasy War, the plan is to evolve into a legendary fantasy world. To do this, LFW has gathered a team of more than 40 members worldwide with experience in the gaming, blockchain and event industries.

For more information about LFW and its upcoming token launch, please visit the official websites and join the community.

About fantasy war legends

Legend of Fantasy War is a unique 3D turn-based role-playing online blockchain game. By adding in-game items to the blockchain, the game provides ownership of in-game items through the ownership of so-called non-fungible tokens (NFT). With a compelling story, players can both entertain themselves and collect valuable items, even increasing the value of items while playing games alone or with others. Owners of NFT can transparently sell, exchange and auction the Legend of Fantasy War on the NFT Marketplace.


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